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ftce art vocab

vocab for art history

Abstract art works that may have form, but have little or no attempt at pictorial resresentation
Allegory work of art that possesses a symbolic meaning in addition to a literal interpretation (fable)
Anamorphic image image that must be viewed by speacial means,i.e. mirror, in order to be recognized
Apotheosis type of painting where images are rising heavenward
Arabesque flowing, intricate, symmetrical pattern from floral motifs
Assemblage 3D work made of various materials such as wood, cloth, paper, and misc. objects
Avant-garde innovative artists that reject traditional in favor of experimental techniques
Benday dots a pointillist approach to printing by Benjamin Day
Biomorphism movement that stresses organic shapes that hint at natural forms
Bottega Studio of Italian artist
Calotype early photo, characterized by grainy quality.+ and - image. william h.f.talbot. first photo.
Camera obscura box w/lens that captures light & casts image on opposite side
Chiaroscuro gradual transition from light to dark in a painting. forms not defined by sharp outlines, but by meeting of lighter and darker areas.
Cire perdue lost-wax process; clay figure covered in wax, and then again in clay. fired;wax melts away and leaves space between clays and creates a mold.
Cloissonne enamelwork in which colored areas are separated by thin bands of metal.
Collage composition made by pasting together different items onto a flat surface
Color field style of abstract painting of simple shapes and monochromatic color
Contrapposto graceful arrangement of the body based on tilted shoulders and hips and bent knees
Cylinder seal round piece of carved stone that produces an image when rolled onto clay
Daguerreotype early photo(by Daguerre)has shiny surface,meticulous finish & clarity of detail. unique photo that has no negative.
Documentary photography type that seeks social and political redress for current issues as way of exploiting society's faults.
Donor patron of a work of art who is often seen in that work
Encaustic ancient method of painting using colored waxes that are burned into a wooden surface
Engraving printmaking-tool called burin carves into metal plate, ink passes into crevices of plate.paper is applied, results in detailed print.
Etching printmaking- metal plate covered in wax,cuts into wax exposed the plate, plate submerged in acid,eats away exposed plate,plate cleaned,ink fills in crevices from acid. finest detail of early prints
Exemplum virtutis painting that tells a moral tale for viewer
Foreshortening visual effect when object is shortened in order to appear to be receding in space
Fresco applying water based paint onto freshly plastered wall. bond is durable and long lasting
Frottage rubbing a crayon or pencil over paper placed on surface with raised design
Genre painting painting in which scenes of everyday life are depicted
Grisaille painting done in neutral shades of gray to simulate the look of sculpture
Hierarchy of scale representation of person's importance by the size of them in a piece of art
Horror vacui artwork where the entire surface is filled with objects, people, designs in crowded way
Icon devotional panel depicting a sacred image
Impasto thick & very visible application of paint on a surface
Lithography printmaking- flat stone surface base,artist draws image with special crayon attracting ink. paper will absorb the ink and image made
Mosaic decoration using stone,marble or colored glass(tesserae)cemented to wall or floor
Negative space empty space around an object or a person
Orans figure figure with its hands raised in prayer
Orthogonal lines that appear to recede toward a vanishing painting
Pastel colored chalk that mixes with other ingredients to make soft/delicate hue
Perspective having to do with depth and recession in a picture
Linear perspective achieves 3D quality in 2D plane
Atmospheric or aerial perspective Landscapes that give the illusion of distance
Photogram image made by placing objects on photosensitive paper & exposing to light
Plein-air painting outdoors capturing effects of direct lighting on objects
Pointillism painting technique using smalls dots of color that are combined by the eye at a distance
Quadro riportato mural painting on curved ceiling -ex. sistine chapel
Di sotto in su ceiling paintings that appear to hover over you and look down on you
Ready made a commonplace object that is chosen and displayed as art
Relief sculpture sculpture that projects from a flat background
Bas-relief a very shallow relief sculpture
Repousse metal relief sculpture where the back side of a plate is hammered to raise relief in front
School group of artists sharing same philosophy, working around same time, not necessarily together
Sfumato hazy effect that distances viewer from subject of painting
Still life painting of grouping of inanimate objects like fruit or flowers
Tapa cloth made from bark that is soaked and beaten into a fabric
Tempera paint employing egg yolk as binding medium noted for quick dry time & flat opaque colors
Tenebrism dramatic dark and light contrast in a painting
Tessellation a decoration using polygonal shapes with no gaps
Triptych 3 paneled painting or sculpture
Trompe l'oeil painting attempting to resemble 3D real existing object
Vanitas theme in still life painting that stresses brevity of life and folly of human vanity
Woodcut printmaking-wooden piece cut into with tool leaving design raised and background cut away. ink rolled on print made.strong angular surfaces , sharp lines
Zoopraxiscope device projecting sequences of photos to give illusion of movement
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