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milady chapter 9

electricity and light therapy

what light rays produce heat, germicidal and chemical effects ultraviolet rays
what light produces heat and is the most penetrating red light
What light produces germicidal and chemical benefits blue light
infrared rays are applied how far from the skin Thirty inches
ultraviolet rays are applied how far from the skin 30 to thirty six inches
What percentage of natural sunlight is invisible light rays Sixty five percent
what percentage of natural sunlight is visible light Thirty five percent
treatment by means of light rays is called what? light therapy
Tesla current is commonly called the what kind of ray violet ray
what high frequency current is commonly used in the barber shop tesla current
there are four kinds of modalities available for use in electrotherapy services- tesla high frequency current, sinusoidal current, faradic current and : galvanic current
what is the negative pole called cathode
the positive pole is called the: anode
the negative or positive pole of an electric current is indicated by its what polarity
what is the applicator that directs electric current from the machine to the client's skin? electrode
the different types of currents used in facial and scalp treatments are call: modalities
all electrical appliances used in the barber shop should have what kind of certification UL certified
what is the acronym for a device that senses imbalances within an electric circuit? GFCI
what is the switch that automatically shuts off an electric circuit at the first indication of an overload circuit breaker
a safety device that prevents excessive current from passing through a circuit is a: fuse
what indicates how much electrical energy is used in one second? a watt
what is the current used in facial and scalp treatments measured in? milliamperes
a measure of electrical resistance is called an/a: ohm
what does an ampere measure? strength of an electric current
the unit that measures the pressure that pushes the flow of electrons through a conductor the: volt
what kind of electrical current do battery operated items use direct current DC
what kind of electric current do electric clippers and hair dryers use alternating current AC
what changes alternating current to direct current called? (changes AC to DC) rectifier
what changes DC current to AC current? (direct current to alternating current) converter
An electrical current flowing first in one direction and then the other is called a/an: alternating current
a constant electrical flowing only in one direction is called a/an: direct current
an adjustable resistor that is used for controlling the current in a circuit is called a/an: rheostat
Is copper wire a conductor or insulator conductor
rubber or silk will act as what? an insulator or conductor insulator
what is a substance that resists the passage of an electric current insulator
what is a substance that readily transmits an electric current conductor
what is the flow of electricity along a conductor electric current
what does electricity produce light, heat and energy
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