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Pharmacy Technician

Chapter One

Who will examine the prescription for any discrepancies, process the prescriptions, and will most likely count and label the medication? Pharmacy technician
Who provides all medical information and is mandated to spend time with the patients? Pharmacist
*Answer the phone and handle questions that do not require a pharmacist's expertise or judgement *Receive written prescriptions or telephone refill requests *Gather needed info to prepare scripts *Store written prescription forms Pharmacy technician duties
*Enter data into the pharmacy's computer system *Notify pharmacist of patient or prescriber questions, as well as medicatoin warnings or interactions *Help pharmacist prepare prescriptions by counting/pouring medications, labeling containers, pricing Pharmacy technician duties
*Keep pharmacy department supplies adequately stocked *Place completed prescriptions the pick-up area *Order medications and stock pharmacy department shelves with medications when they arrive from suppliers *Prepare insurance claims + verify payments Pharmacy technician duties
*Help patients locate OTC meds and stock OTC departments *Complete purchase transactions and record in logs when necessary *Perform housekeeping duties within the pharmacy department *Remove recalled, discontinued, and overstocked products Pharmacy technician duties
*Identify medication prescribing and/or use patterns requiring pharmacist intervention, such as abnormally large prescription quantities or multiple early refills on controlled meds *Maintain proper supplies of prescription vials, caps, bottles, etc. Pharmacy technician duties
When may a technicians may deliver total parenteral nutrition and 24-hour hosing to nursing floors, as well as prepackaged unit dose medications? Long-term care facilities, hospitals, and assisted-living facilities
Who can receive oral prescriptions from prescripers or precribers' authorized designees? Pharmacist
Who can consult with prescribers or prescribers' designees about patient prescriptions? Pharmacist
Who is responsible for checking medications before dispensing them? Pharmacist- In states where technicians can prepare or package prescriptions, they do so under the direct superviswion of a pharmacist.
Who can consult with patients about prescribed medication use and other health issues? Pharmacist
Who can recommend OTC medications? Pharmacist
What happens in intake areas? Patients can leave prescriptions here. Scan the prescription in a timely manner for all necessary and appropriate information to prevent patient call backs and delays
What happens in Processing areas? Data entry occurs here and should be as free from distraction as possible. There should be areas for prescriptions that require processing, waiting for prep or dispensing, requireing verification, and needing intervention
What pharmacy area contains counting equipment, distilled water, compounding or repackaging equipment, scales, calculators, containers, and labels. Processing area
What happens in processed prescriptions areas? Stores completed prescriptions until patient pick-up. Essential to maintain confidentiality
What happens in the out window? Patients pick up completed prescriptions. Seperate or nearby area for private consultation.
What are the vital precautions for pharmacy security? *Door should be closed at all times *Do not allow non-pharmacy personnel to enter unles they are designated and approved to work there *Lock the pharmacy doors when pharmacists are not on duty THERE MAY BE ADDITIONAL STATE LAWS
What are the pharmacy technician's duties when receiving inventory? *Verify supplier name, address, and confirm the quantity received *Inspect shipments for damage and note all observations- special care get priority *Inspect details with purchase order (name, brand, quantity, dosage, strength) *Sign and date invoice
What are these examples of? *Check expiration dates to ensure they are compliant with standards *Bring products that are new, discontinued, or on back order to the attention of the pharmacist or management Pharmacy technician duties when doing inventory
What do you look for while stocking the pharmacy? *Expiration dates *Inspect for broken seals, differences in clarity/color, label changing- report to pharmacist *Identify+communiccate prescription patterns to members for responsible purchasing *Check fordamaged stock NOTE LABEL INFO REQUIRED BY FDA
The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 regulates what? Manufacture, importation, possession, use, and distribution of certain substances with abuse potential- created 5 federal schedules
Drugs that have a high-abuse potential, no current acceptance for medical use in the US, and are unsafe for use under medical supervision- not found in pharmacies. Schedule 1
What are LSD and Heroine examples of? Schedule 1 drugs
Medications that have a currently accepted medical use in the US, and a high-abuse potential or physical and psychological dependence. Schedule 2
What are Morphine, methylphenidate, and secobarbital examples of? Schedule 2 drugs
Medications that have an abuse potetial less than the medications listed in schedules I and II. Abuse of these medications may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence. Schedule 3
What are morphine and opium combination products examples of? Schedule 3 drugs- Also contains certian CNS stimulants and depressants
medications that have less potential for abuse than Schedules I, II, or III. Abuse of these meications may only lead to a limited physical or psychological dependence Schedule 4
What are phenobarbital and diazepam examples of? Schedule 4 drugs
Meds with low-abuse potential + limited physical/psychological dependence. meds are any compound, mixture, or preparation containing limited amount of controlled substance + non-controlled active ingredients. Usually cough suppressants/antidiarrheals. Schedule 5 drugs
What are difenoxin and dephenoxylate preparations with certain minimum doses of atropine examples of? Schedule 5 drugs
Which DEA form is for disposal of drugs? DEA form 41
Which DEA form is for ordering and distributing drugs? DEA form 222
How should a drug inventory of controlled substances be performed? Every 2 years
What schedule drug records should be kept separately from all other records? Schedule II drugs
What steps should be taken when a prescription for a controlled substance is received? 1. Technician should interpret and fill prescription 2. Pharmacist should review the prescription before it is dispensed.
Who can receive phone prescriptions? *Pharmacist *Pharmacy interns
Which drug schedules can be submitted via telephone, fax, or electronically and who can take these prescriptions? Schedule II and IV- a pharmacist or a pharmacy intern under direct supervision of a pharmacist
For which schedule in a hospital pharmacy should there be control sheet that indicates the time of administration as well as who the drug was administered to? Schedule II
What should be done when electronic orders are received? Prescription should be transferred to paper for filling.
Pharmacies require what when electronic orders are received? A hard copy of a prescription to be presented
What are the refill requirements for schedules III and IV? *Refilled up to 5 times if prescription states so *Up to 6 months after the prescriptions date of issue
How long should remaining amounts of drugs be dispensed if the total amount is not available at first? 72 hours
If the remaining balance is not available after 72 hours, what happens? Prescription is expired and balance is void
What are the circumstances for taking a prescription for a Schedule II drug over the phone? Must be an emergency and the pharmacist must be the one to transcribe it. Must read "Authorization for Emergency Dispensing" The doctor must later follow up with a written prescription within 7 days.
What should be kept in a Schedule V Record Log or Legend Book? 1. Dispensing date 2. Name of product dispensed 3. Quantity dispensed 4. Name, signature, and address of the purchaser 5. The pharmacist's signature
Rules for non-prescription Schedule V medication sales *Only pharmacist can authorize *Clerks and technicians can complete sales *Purchasers must be at least 18 y/o *Cough medicines are limited to 4 oz in a 48 hour period
What is the Methamphetamine Precursor Control Act? Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine are Schedule V controlled substances and are held to certain restrictions.
What restrictions are drugs under the Methamphetamine Precursor Control Act subject to? *Consumers must show ID before they are allowed to purchase *Records of Name and address of purchaser, date and time of sale, and quantity sold should be kept *Total amount should not exceed 3.6 g per day or 9 g per month
How do you tell whether a DEA number is valid? *Two letters followed by 7 digits -First letter will be A, B, M, or F -Second letter will be the first letter of the prescriber's last name -Add odd digits -Add even digits then multiply sum by 2 -Add sums-last digit should match the last of DEA no.
What is generic substitution? Process of substituting a lower-cost generic version of drugs when a brand name is prescribed. Prescriber must write "substitution permitted" but if they write "dispense as written", it has to be filled as a brand name
OBRA '90 required pharmacists to do what to patients? *offer counseling to all Medicaid patients about proper use of meds. Now includes all patients
What is the Consumer Product Safety Commission? Required child-resistant packaging for any household substance that may cause serious injury to children if handled, used, or ingested unless it is nitroglycerin or by special request by the patient- must have written permission.
What are Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the National Commission for Quality Assurance (NCQA)? The common overseers of pharmacy practices
What should be on the label of stock bottles? *Brand or trade name *Generic name *Med strength *Legend statement *Storage req. *Package quantity *Med dosage form *Manufacturer's name *Controlled substance mark *Lot number *Exp. date *NDC number
What is a NDC number? The National Drug Code- *First five identify manufacturer *Next four identify name, strength, and dosage form *Last two identify package size
What should be included on OTC products? *Purpose and concentration of active ingredients *Warnings *Directions *Inactive ingredients *Phone number for consumers with questions
What mandates that a patient is offered counseling by a pharmacist? OBRA '90
Which regulatory agency is responsible for approving OTC and prescription labeling and setting the standard for manufacturing drugs? Food and Drug Administration
How often should pharmacies complete an accurate inventory of all controlled substances on hand? Every 2 years at least
Shedule II prescriptions can be refilled... Never
A pharmacy technician may do what? Prepare insurance claims and verify payments
Adjudication Electronic insurance billing for medication payment
Altruism True concern for the well-being of the patient
American Pharmaciss Association (APhA) Founded in 1852 to provide more uniform standards of education
American Society of Heath-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Founded in 1942 to establish minimum standards of pharmaceutical services in hospitals and heath systems
Board of Pharmacy State board that regulates pharmacy practice
Brand/trade name Trademark of a drug or device created by he originating manufacturing company for marketing purposes
Code of ethics A list of principles formulated to guide embers of a profession in making decisions that are not firmly established by laws
Competency The capability or proficiency to perform a function
Compliance Medication compliance requires patients to take their medication exactly as prescribed
Confidentiality Keeping privileged customer information from being disclosed without the customer's consent
Controlled substance A drug or chemical substance whose possession and use are controlled by law
Controlled Substance Act Legislation by Congress to regulate the sale of habit-forming and addictive drugs
DEA number Number issued by the DEA to authorize the prescribing and dispensing of controlled drugs
Drug Enforcement Agency Federal agency within the Department of Justice that enforces laws against the misuse of controlled substances
Drug Facts and Comparisons Reference book found in pharmacies containing detailed information on all medications
Expired drugs Drugs that are past the date printed on the bottle indicating the manufacturer's guarantee of safety and potency
Food and Drug Administration Federal agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that regulates the manufactue and safeguarding of medications
Generic name Name assigned to a medication by the FDA; non-proprietary name of a drug
Health Insurane Portability and Accountability Act The legislation in place to protect the privacy of patients
Kefauver-Harris Amendment Amendment passed in 1962 that requires manufacturers to prove the effectiveness of products before marketing them
Malpractice Improper or negligent treatment of a patient resulting in injury,damage, or loss
National Provider Identifier (NPI) A standard for unique identifying numbers assigned to health care providers to facilitate the transmission of health information in accordance with HIPAA regulations
NDC number Identifying number given to each prescription drug before it is marketed
Omnibus Budget Reduction Act of 1990 (OBRA '90) Mandates performing patient counseling by the pharmacist for each prescription dispensed
Over-the-counter medication Medication purchased without a prescription
Patient authorization Writeen consent to share health information signed by the patient
Pharmacist Person who dispenses drugs and cousels patients on medication use, side effects, and possible interactions with other drugs
Pharmacy Technician Person who assists a pharmacist
Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) Reference book of medications
Poison Prevention pakcaging Act Act that requires the use of safety closures on all prescription drugs and most OTC drugs to protect children fom accidental poisoning
Professionalism Conforming to the right principles of conduct as accepted by others in the profession
Protected health information (PHI) Any health information used to identify an individual
Protocol A set of standards and guidelines in which a facility works
Pure Food and Drug Act Act that provided federal inspection of meat products and forbade the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated food products and poisonous patent medicines
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