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PS: Ch 15 Q

materials through which electric current does not flow easily insulators
Electric current that flows first in one direction and then the other alternating current
the amount an object hinders electron flow resistance
rate of charge flow current
SI unit of resistance ohm
flow of electrons from one place to another current electricity
states that the current flowing through a conductor is directly proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to resistance Ohm's law
material that allows current to flow through it with no hindrance superconductor
heat caused by "electrical friction" Joule heat
Three parts of a simple electric circuit source of current, conductors, load
type of circuit where the loads are arranged in separate branches of the circuit so current is divided parallel circuit
narrow strip of metal that protects against excessive current fuse
refers to a circuit that contains a complete path for electrons to flow through closed circuit
automatic switch that opens the circuit when current flowing through it exceeds a predetermined amount circuit breaker
first type of electric light suitable for household use incandescent lamp
dangerous situation where electricity takes a shortcut through a circuit short circuit
circuit that has loads arranged so that the electric current flows through each load one after another series circuit
produces light by passing electric current through a long tube that contains a low pressure mixture of mercury vapor and argon fluorescent lamp
electric discharge lamp filled with neon neon lamp
group of electrochemical cells connected together as a single source of current battery
device for communicating over a long distance by means of electromagnets telegraph
uses semiconductors to produce light LED lamp
motor's rotating electromagnet armature
device that converts electricity to back-and-forth motion solenoid
group of electrochemical cells should be arranged in a __?__ to supply more voltage series
device where electromagnetic induction is used to produce electricity generator
most important device for converting electricity into motion electric motor
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist