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ITIL v3 Exam - Sample 1 Test

Which ITIL process or function deals with issues and questions about the use of services, raised by end users? A. Availability Management B. Service Level Management C. Problem Management D. Service Desk
What is the difference between a Known Error and a Problem? A. The underlying cause of a Known Error is known; the underlying cause of a Problem is not known. B. A Known Error involves an error in the IT infrastructure; a Problem does not involve such an error. C. A Known Error always originates from an Incident
Who coordinates the production of the Forward Schedule of Changes (FSC)? A. Change Manager B. Change Advisory Board (CAB) C. Release Manager D. IT Management
Within an organization, who is authorized to establish an agreement with the IT department, concerning IT Services? A. the Service Level Manager B. the user of the IT resources C. the ITIL process owner D. the customer of the IT department
Where are requirements that influence capacity, recorded? A. Capacity Plan B. Service Improvement Program C. Service Quality Plan D. Service Level Requirements
When installing new software, which ITIL process monitors whether other software must be reinstalled and tested? A. Change Management B. IT Service Continuity Management C. Problem Management D. Release Management
The Availability Manager wants to know the trend regarding the recovery of IT components. From which process or function would he/she request the necessary information? A. Service Desk B. Release Management C. Configuration Management D. Service Level Management
Which term means that an incident has departed from the normal service level? A. Escalation B. Impact C. Priority D. Urgency
Problem Control is a sub-process of Problem Management. The first activity of Problem Control is to identify and record problems. What is the first step to be taken in identifying a problem? A. analyze all existing incidents B. classify and prioritize problems C. solve problems D. provide management information
Which one of the following is the direct responsibility of Change Management to report on a regular basis, say monthly? A. number of Requests for Change (RFCs) registered in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) during the measuring period B. number of Changes raised by Problem Management during the measuring period C. number of approved RFCs that had their imp
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