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The Outsiders 1-6

Study stack for chapters one through six of The Outsiders.

What point of view is the novel told from? First
Who narrates the book? Ponyboy Curtis
Who are the Socs? Wealthier gang, that wears better clothes and show less feelings.
Who are the Greasers? Gang that wears long hair with gel, wear leather jackets, and are known for being the trouble makers and lower ranked group.
Who is Dallas Winston? A greaser who Pony refers to as "tougher, colder, and meaner" than any other greaser he knows.
Who is the author of The Outsiders? S.E. Hinton
Who is Cherry Valance? A soc that is dating another soc, Bob. She is different than any other soc, she is kind, and sees socs and greasers as equal.
What happens to Pony and Johnny at the park? Johnny stabs and kills Bob to defend Pony who was being drowned by another soc.
Who do Ponyboy and Johnny turn to after the murder? Dally, who then tells them where to hide from the public.
Who are the brothers of Pony? Darry and Sodapop
What is a DX? A gas station used mostly by teenagers for a hangout
Who is Mickey Mouse? Sodapop's horse
What is a madras? Cotton cloth that is mostly seen with a plaid pattern.
Who is normally found wearing madras? The Socs
Who is Sodapop's best friend? Steve Randall
Where do the greasers normally gather? The Dingo, and Jay's
Where do the socs normally hangout? The Way Out, and Rusty's
What happened to Ponyboy's parents? They died in a car accident
Created by: TonyTimteSwain