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More Picky numbers/parameters to study for NPTAE

Standard Manual Wheelchair (w/c) Dimensions 16x18x20" (depth x width x height)
Required doorway width for standard w/c 32"
Required hallway width for w/c 36" (3 ft)
Required Ramp dimensions for w/c 12:1 (rise/run)
For AD (assistive devices), what is generally the angle of flexion needed at the elbow? 20-25 degrees
treatment time: Ice 5-10'
treatment time: CP 15'
treatment time: Bath 5-15'
treatment time: Contrast Bath 20-30'
Temperature: Icing > or = 32 F
Temperature: CP 23 F
Temperature: Bath 55-64 F
Temperature: Contrast Bath (heat/cold) heat: 100-110 F; cold: 20-30 F
Vapocoolant parameters:(# of sweeps, holding angle, hold # of inches away) 2-5 sweeps; hold @ 30 degree angle; 12-18 in. away
treatment time: Fluidotherapy 20'
treatment time: HP 20'
treatment time: IR lamp 20'
treatment time: paraffin 15-20'
treatment time: US ~5'
treatment time: diathermy 15-20'
temperature: Fluidotherapy 111-125 F
temperature: HP 158-167 F
temperature: paraffin 113-126 F
# of towel layers for HP 6-8 (if placed on top of pt...additional if lying on)
Distance away from IR lamp 20 in.
~ Diathermy frequency 27.12 MHz
US frequency for muscle/deep tissue 1 MHz
US intensity for muscle/deep tissue 1.5-2.0 W/cm2
US penetration depth for muscle/deep tissue up to 5 cm
US frequency for bony/superficial 3 MHz
US intensity for bony/superficial 0.5-1.0 W/cm2
US penetration depth for bony/superficial up to 2 cm
US BNR is typically... 5:1 or 6:1
US ERA:transducer head ERA= 1/2 size of transducer head
US- pulsed non-thermal effects; 20% DC
US- continuous thermal effects; 100% DC
Conventional TENS parameters: frequency 50 Hz
Conventional TENS parameters: duration 20-100 microseconds
Conventional TENS parameters: amplitude 10-30 mA
When are the QUADS activated during the gait cycle? 1. early stance phase 2. before toe off to initiate swing phase
When is the TIBIALIS ANTERIOR activated during the gait cycle? after heel strike, for eccentric lowering of the foot into PF
When is the GASTROC/SOLEUS activated during the gait cycle? Late stance phase, for concentric elevation of the heel before acceleration (swing phase)
When are the HAMSTRINGS activated during the gait cycle? Late Swing phase
Created by: s1234
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