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Geo. Ch. 29

Early civilizations and states of South Asia 1. Indus Valley 2. Mughal Empire 3. Sultanate
Countries of South Asia 1. Afghanistan 2. Pakistan 3. India 4. Nepal 5. Bhutan 6. Bangladesh 7. Sri Lanka
Major Cities of South Asia New Delhi, Islamabad, Kabul
Major Mountain Ranges of South Asia Himalayas, Sulaiman
Major Religions of South Asia Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism
sulanate state ruled by a sultan
nonaligned nation a nation that remains neutral
subcontinent large land mass forming a distinct part of a continent
alluvial plain rich silt in flat areas from Himalayan runoff
monsoon winds that carry dry air from the northeast during the winter and carry moisture from the southwest in the summer
the largest country in South Asia India
The oldest civilization in South Asia is the Indus Valley located in modern Pakistan
The landscape of South Asia is greatly varied and consists of deserts, rain forests, and glacier covered mountains
The monsoons can bring heavy rain in the summer the monsoons bring dry air in the winter
Reasons why South Asia has a wide range of ecosystems and plentiful wildlife it size, elevations, and landforms
What is the population like in South Asia South Asia is one of the most densely settled populations in the world with more and more people moving to cities
why was India's textile industry almost destroyed? Britain imported their cotton and made cheaper clothes in Britain and then sold it cheaply in India
What western ideas were spread among the Indian middle class in the late 1800s? individuals rights and self governement
What was Gandhi's most powerful weapon against the British? nonviolent resistance
in what way did Gandhi use nonviolent resistance to show opposition to the the sale of British cloth? he boycotted British cloth and made his own clothes
what happened to the sale of British cloth in India due to Gandhi's boycott the sale of British cloth fell sharply
what decision did the British government make in 1935 they established provinces that were governed entirely by Indiana
What was the basis of the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947 Religious conflict between Hindu and Muslim
what results did the 1947 independence of India and Pakistan have on their inhabitants 12 million people moved to the place where their religion ruled because they didn't want to be ruled by people of another religion
what problems arose between the regions of West Pakistan and East Pakistan and what was the result? they had different languages and economies. East Pakistan became Bangladesh
nationalism pride in ones nation (like patriotism)
nonviolent resistance the policy of opposing an enemy or oppressor by any means other than violence
boycott to refuse to purchase, sell or use a product or service
partition a nation to divide a nation into parts
Mahatma means "the Great Soul" ... name for Gandhi
After the partition of India and Pakistan, how were their relations hostile and warlike
people of East Pakistan fought a civil war in 1971 because East Pakistanis increasingly felt that the region was treated mostly as a colony of West Pakistan
The caste system involves a social heierarchy There are 5 castes: 1. Brahamans 2. Kshatriyas 3. Vaisyas 4. Sudras 5. untouchables
how do you get into a certain caste you are just born into the one your parents were in
What do castes affect they affect what jobs you can get and your relationships like who you can marry
What is rural Indian life like people live in small villages of houses surrounded by fields.
what a a rural Indian house like rich people have brick houses with tile roofs but poor people have grass and mud houses with dirt floors
what furniture is inside an Indian rural house the only furniture is usually just a wooden bed with string mattress called a charpoy
how to families live families all live together in one house including parents, kids, brothers, aunts, uncles, etc.
What are the major industries of India computers, space research, TVs, VCRs (electronics)
reincarnation the belief that human and animal souls go through a series of births, deaths, and rebirths until they achieve a perfect soul
charpoy wooden bed with string mattress
sari a bright colored cloth worn by Indian women like a dress
purdah the Indian custom of covering a woman's face with a veil (they got the idea from Muslims)
joint family system where large extended Indian families all lives in the same house
cottage industry Indian people who make products in their own homes using their own tools to sell
The highest rank in the caste is Brahmans
India's busiest port and financial center Mumbai (Bombay)
What has been the result of the growth of the middle class in India there are more people who want to buy consumer goods
Why are some diseases in India are becoming less common today more villages are getting deep drilled wells that give clean and safe drinking water
Pakistan features high mountains to the north keep it warm and hot, it is mostly dry and barren except for the Indus River Valley
Afghanistan features It has the Kush Mountains (Kush means death), most people live in the fertile valleys at the base of the mountains
Bangladesh features A large delta formed by 3 rivers : Ganges, Brahmaputra, Meghna. Soil is very fertile but floods a lot
Nepal and Bhutan features Big span of elevations because of all the mountains. Southern lowlands are hot and humid and tropical so they grow tropical crops
Sri Lanka An Island 33 miles SE of the tip of India (called the teardrop of India). Tropical climate grows coconuts, rubber and tea
hydroelectric power electricity made by moving water
irrigate to supply water to land for farming
embankment dam a wall of soil and rock to hold back water
buffer state a country separating opposing powers or political enemies
malnutrition lack of food or unbalanced diet
deforestation cutting down all the trees
Where do most of the people in Pakistan live rural areas
What is Pakistan's growth rate compared to India It is higher than India's
except at high elevations temperatures in Pakistan are generally warm or hot becasue high northern mountains keep cold air from coming south
soils of the delta formed by the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers are very fertile
in 1979, Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan to help put down a revolt at the request of the country's government
one of the greatest challenges in Bangladesh is malnutrion
What two groups have been fighting in Sri Lanka? Sinhalese and Tamils
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