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Car/Pul Final Exam

SPC Cardiopulmonary Physiology Final Exam Unit 1 Review

What are the 7 conduction airways that make up the lower airways? 1. Trachea x1 2. Mainstem Bronchi x2 3. Lobar Bronchi x5 4. Segmental Bronchi 18/19 5. Subsegmental Bronchi <40 6. Bronchioles: 1mm in diam. x1000 7. Terminal Bronchioles: 0.5mm in diam. <40,000
What are the 3 single cartilages of the larynx? 1. Epiglottis 2. Thyroid 3. Cricoid
Identify the (Single) Epiglottis Cartilage? Attaches to the medial surface of the thyroid cartilage.
Identify the (Single) Thyroid Cartilage? (Adam's Apple) Gives the larynx its triangular shape, above the cricoid cartilage.
Identify the (Single) Cricoid Cartilage? Complete ring, signet shaped
What are the 3 paired cartilages of the larynx? 1. Arytenoids 2. Corniculates 3. Cuniforms
Identify the (Paired) Arytenoids Cartilage? Vocal cords attached to via the vocal processes @ base.
Identify the (Paired) Corniculates Cartilage? Along the posterior wall of the larynx, lay on top of arytenoids.
Identify the (Paired) Cuneforms Cartilage? Anterior & lateral to the corniculates
What are the dimensions length and diameter of the trachea? Length: 11-13cm 15-20 C-shaped cartilages Diameter: 1.5-2.5cm
Carina is how far from the lips? 21-23cm
Which vertebrae measures the length of the trachea? C-5 to T-5
T/F Trachea begins at the cricoid cartilage and end at the carina? True
List the 10 segments of the right lung? Upper: Apical, Posterior, & Anterior Middle: Lateral & Medial Lower: Superior, Medial Basal, Anterior Basal, Lateral Basal, & Posterior Basal
What are the 5 parts of the A-C Membrane? 1. Alveolar Epithelium 2. Alveolar Basement Membrane 3. Insterstitium 4. Capillary Basement Membrane 5. Capillary Endothelium
Created by: Langhout1418