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Clinical 2

SPC Clinical 2 Final Exam

Location of Alpha Receptors? 1. Peripheral Vasculature 2. Heart 3. Bronchial Muscle 4. Bronchial Blood Vessel
Location of Beta 1 Receptors? 1. Bronchial Blood Vessels 2. Heart
Location of Beta 2 Receptors? 1. Bronchial Smooth Muscle 2. Bronchial Blood Vessels 3. Systemic Blood Vessels 4. Skeletal Muscles
Stimulation of Alpha Receptors causes what? 1. Peripheral Vasoconstriction 2. Mild Bronchoconstriction
Stimulation of Beta 1 Receptors causes what? 1. Tachycardia 2. Increase potential for Arrhythmias 3. Increased C.O.
Stimulation of Beta 2 Receptors causes what? 1. Bronchodilation
Racemic Epinephrine Catecholamine Onset: 3-5min Agonist: Alpha 1, Beta 1, Beta 2 Dose: 0.25-0.5ml Indication: Airway swelling, croup, stridor, epiglottis edema
Xopenex Sympathomimetic Onset 15min Agonist: Beta 1 & Beta 2 Dose: 1.25mg/3ml BID Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory effects, mast cell degranulization Short-Acting Bronchodilators
Atrovent Sympathomimetic/Anticholinergic Onset: 15min Allergy: Soy/Peanut based w/ MDI Antagonist: Non-selective Dose: 0.5mg in 2-3ml saline (2pu) QID Short-Acting Bronchodilators Purpose: COPD & Asthma
Spiriva Sympathomimetic/Anticholinergic Onset: 5-20min Long-Acting bronchodilator Dose: 1 cap (18ug) QD
Advair Sympathomimetic/Corticoidsteroid Dose: DPI or MDI BID
Combivent Sympathomimetic/Anticholinergic Allergy: Soy/Peanut based w/ MDI
Mucomyst Dose 10% less bronchospasm Dispose: After 96 days Purpose: Reduce viscosity & elasticity & disrupts disulfide bonds Smells: Yes Given W/: Sympathomimetic Bronchodilator
Pulmozyne Purpose: Disrupts DNA bonds in infectious musuc Dose: 2.5ml Always: Use Dedicated Neb & Administer Immediately & Avoid non-patient inhalation
Created by: Langhout1418
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