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P.S- Unit 8

Energy and Heat Test Review

T/F In all cooling systems, energy is transferred as heat from one substance to another, leaving the first substance with less energy and with a lower temperature True
T/F As the temperature of mercury inside the thermometer increases, its volume increases True
T/F On the Fahrenheit scale, water freezes at -32F False
T/F A degree on the Fahrenheit scale is a bigger unit than a degree on the Celsius scale False
T/F Energy is transferred as heat between two objects of the same temperatures False
T/F Energy is transferred as heat from a substance at high temperature to a substance at low temperature. True
T/F Heating by convection can occur only through solids. False
A hot object emits less radiation than a cool object emits False
Radiation is the only method of energy transfer that can take place in a vacuum. True
Some substances, when exposed to visible light, absorb more energy as heat than other substances absorb. True
A good insulator is a poor conductor. True
When a ball is through into the air, the potential energy gained must come from its kinetic energy. As the ball gains potential energy, its speed will: Decrease
What forms of energy are present in a campfire? Thermal, Radiant, and Chemical
What does it mean if an object is not doing work? It is not moving
by burning a piece of wood, 35 Joules of chemical energy is released. 20 Joules becomes thermal energy; 5 joules becomes radiant energy. By the Law of Conservation of Energy, how much energy becomes mechanical energy of sound (the popping of the coals)? 35-20-5= 10 joules
Compare a 100w motor and a 200 w motor. The 200w motor does more Work
Ball #1 is rolled down the steeper side of a hill while ball #2 rolls down the opposite side which is less steep. Both balls roll out onto a flat surface at the same level. How do their speeds compare? The speed will be the same for both balls because of Law of Conservation of Energy
An object originally at rest rolls down a hill, what kind of energy does it have at the top of the hill Potential Energy
How does the moving energy of an object at the bottom of a hill compare with its resting energy at the top of the hill? Both Kinetic and Potential Energies are the same
If an object has 200J of kinetic energy at the bottom of a hill, how much potential energy does it have half way down the hill? 100J
Would steam have fast, slow, or medium moving molecules fast
would ice have fast, slow, or medium moving molecules. slow
would a liquid have fast, slow, or medium moving molecules medium
An object at rest on the ground has what kind of energy? No Energy because height is 0 meters
Temperature is? associated with the sensation of hot and cold proportional to the average kinetic energy of molecules measured with thermometers
as the kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance increase, what happens? The temperature of the substance increases also.
The transfer of energy caused by the collision of molecules is called Conduction
the transfer of energy by the movement of fluids or gases with different temperatures is called? Convection
energy from the sun reaches Earth by? Radiation Only
Convection currents rise in air because Cool air descends and hot air rises
which method of energy transfer does not involve movement of matter? Radiation
which substance is the best conductor of transferring energy as heat between Carbon Dioxide, Water, Iron, or Rubber? Iron
According to the first law of Thermodynamics The total energy used in any process is conserved
What type of energy has moving electrons; or what comes out of a battery? Electrical
The type of energy from a space heater Thermal
the type of energy of splitting or fusing the atom Nuclear
the type of energy we want from a light bulb Radiant
the type of energy from molecular bonds, like in food Chemical
the type of energy from moving objects or due to gravity Mechanical
What term tells you how much energy is lost in an energy transfer Efficiency
what is energy due to motion Kinetic Energy
what is energy transferred by forces Work
what is a mathematical expression of conservation of Energy E(before)= E(after)
What is energy due to position Potential Energy
what is the rate of doing work or using energy called Power
What Conservation of Energy equation would represent a moving object that is slowed down? Ek-W=EK
What Conservation of Energy equation would represent an object above the ground falling? Ep=Ek
What Conservation of Energy equation would represent a moving object that comes to a stop Ek-W= 0
What Conservation of Energy equation would represent an object being lifted up? 0+W= Ep
What Conservation of Energy equation would represent an object at rest being moved? 0+W=Ek
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