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What is reproduction? A life activity that results in the formation of new individuals
What are the 3 functions of reproduction? Growth, Repair tissue and Continuation of a species
Where is hereditary information found? In a cells chromosomes.
Where are chromosomes found? In a cells nucleus
How many parents are needed for sexual reproduction? 2 parents
What is an advantage of sexual reproduction? Greater diversity of a species that is able to adapt to changing environments better.
What are the 2 sex cells? Female= Egg Male= Sperm
What is fertilization? When a sperm and an egg unite (come together)
How many parents are needed for asexual reproduction? One parent
What is an advantage of asexual reproduction? Speed= cells are able to reproduce quickly and frequently
What are the 3 methods of asexual reproduction? 1.Binary Fission/Mitosis- one cell splits into 2 identical cells 2.Budding-a piece of the parent pinches off and develops into a new organism 3.Regeneration-regrowth of lost body parts
What is mitosis? Cell division that creates new BODY cells. It makes 2 daughter cells with the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell
What is meiosis? Creates SEX cells (gametes= egg and sperm). Makes 4 daughter cells with 1/2 the number of chromosomes as the parent cell.
What are gametes? The egg and sperm cells
How does plant reproduction occur? Sexual reproduction occurs in the flower. The fertilized egg in a flower becomes seeds.
What is cross-pollination? Sexual reproduction (two parents), where pollen is carried from one flower to a different flower.
What are petals responsible for? They attract insects and animals through scent and color to aid in pollination.
What is puberty? The period of time when a person is FIRST able to reproduce
What is physical maturity? The period of time during which a person is able to reproduce
What is the menstrual cycle? the monthly discharge of blood and tissue that make up the uterine lining.
What are the characteristics of the egg cell? 1. Produced in the ovaries 2. Only few are produced in a lifetime 3. Contain the food supply (yolk) 4. NO TAIL 5. Large enough to be seen without a microscope 6. Production begins before birth and ends at menopause (~45years old)
What are the characteristics of the sperm cell? 1. Produced in the testes 2. Billions are produced in a lifetime 3. HAVE A TAIL- can swim! 4. Production begins at sexual maturity (10-14 yrs) and continues throughout life 5. Can only be seen WITH a microscope
Created by: kosterman