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PS: Ch 13-14 T

An electric field where the strength is evenly distributed uniform field
If the number of loops in an electromagnet's coil is tripled, the strength of the electromagnet is tripled
magnet made from a magnetically hard substance is a permanent magnet
If the strength of a magnet triples, the force between it and another magnet triples
object with no electrical charge neutral
Most important cause of magnetism electron spin
region surrounding a charged object where other objects are attracted or repelled by an electrical force is known as an electric field
Opposite charges __?__ attract
Same charges __?__ repel
compass that swings vertically to reveal the angle at which lines of flux enter the earth dipping needle
display of shimmering light formed by high-speed particles spiraling into the upper atmosphere and hitting air molecules aurora
William Gilbert propose that the Earth has a magnetic field in what book De Magnete/On the Magnet
"dry writing" that uses electric charges to reproduce images on paper xerography
Electric charges are considered __?__ electricity static
Tripling the current increases the strength of an electromagnet by a factor of 8
If the distance of two magnets is cut in half, what happens to the strength of magnetic force doubled
phenomenon that causes a vertical compass to point downward in the Northern Hemisphere Inclination
two points on a magnet where the magnetism is focused poles
extent an object can absorb magnetic flux is known as the material's permeability
Object that has only one unpaired electron per atom and is weak paramagnetic
process of transferring a charge from one object to another by touch conduction
Lines connecting points of equal inclination isoclinic lines
states since poles repel then unlike poles attract law of magnetic poles
naturally occurring magnet Lodestone
interactions between electrons and other charged particles electricity
__?__ is the temperature above the ferromagnetic material that has no domains curie point
boundary of the magnetosphere magnetopause
imaginary circle around the earth halfway between the magnetic poles magnetic equator
stream of charged particles that comes from the sun solar wind
group of aligned atoms that have a single magnetic field domain
The two vast belts trapped in the Earth's magnetic field are known as the Van Allen radiation belts
the angle of __?__ is the amount by which a compass needle deviates from true north declination
nickname for the north magnetic pole of the earth "south-seeking" pole
force that changes the path of a charged particle moving through a magnetic field deflecting
simple device that detects small electric charges electroscope
3 methods of magnetization contact, electricity, induction
flow of charge current
having an excess of electrons gives a __?__ charge negative
process of bringing a charged object near, but not touching, a neutral object induction
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist