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PS: Ch 13-14 Q

A positively charged object and negatively charged object will __?__ each other attract
As a positive side and negative side move farther apart, the strength of the attraction __?__ decreases
The study of the nature, behavior and uses of static electricity electrostatics
unit of an electric charge coulomb
a charge transferred by conduction permanent
states that the total charge is the same before and after an interaction law of conservation of change
side having an excess of electrons contains what kind of charge positive
what is an object said to be when there is an equal number of positive and negative charges neutral
When a positively charged object is with another positively charged object, they well __?__ each other repel
process of directing unwanted electric charge directly into the earth grounding
imaginary lines used to "map" the electric field around an object lines of force
device used to store a static electric charge capacitor
device for protecting buildings and other structures form lightning strikes lightning rod
When a spark hits a sphere, the spark moves to the __?__ of the sphere outside
most common electrostatic generator in use today Van de Graaff generator
device that produces static electricity electrostatic generator
Laser printers and photocopiers use what method xerography
the upward flow of charge that forms the brilliant flash of a lightning strike is known as return stroke
The downward flow of charge that begins a lightning strike stepped leader
Musschenbroek's charge-storing device is known as Leyden jar
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist