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8 - Galations

Key points in each chapter

QuestionAnswerMemory Hint
Galations 1 The Galations departure from the Gospel of Grace. Paul's defense of his ministry. The big aligator up in a tree holding a sign with John 3:16 on it, watching every body departing. He is trying to defend his position.
Galations 2 Paul takes Titus to Jerusalem to have councel concerning liberty. Paul apposes Cephas's hypocrisy at Antioch, when he withdrew from eating with the Gentiles. I have been CRUCIFIED with Christ... An Aligator scolding another for shaking the dust of his shoes, and not eating with Gentiles. He thinks he should be crucified.
Galations 3 Abraham justified by faith. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law. The a law meant to lead us to Christ. Who as BEWITCHED YOU... There is neither Jew nor Greek.... An aligator standing on a stool holding cursed law tablets, and pointing to the cross. The crowd infront is a mix bewitched jews and greeks.
Galations 4 Law and grace cannot co-exist. Abraham's two sons. But when the fullness of time... Abrahams two aligator sons, one law and one grace, trying to both stear a car,and getting in a great fight over it. When the fullness of time comes, they drive off a cliff by mistake.
Galations 5 Sanctification is through spirit. Deeds of the flesh. Fruit of the Spirit. An aligator using gloves to carefully separate deeds of the flesh, and fruit of the spirit.
Galations 6 Aspects and principles of new life in Christ. An aligator conteplating the aspects and working principles of a nice new shinny revolver with "Life in Christ." engraved on the barrel.
Created by: Man of God