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Mod E Unit I Vocab

Mod E I Vocab

Smear bacteria spread on a surface as a microscope slide or a culture medium.
Smear Fixation holding a bacterial specimen to a slide
Sputum substance expelled by coughing
Stool evacuation of the bowels
Streak Culture spreading of the bacteria by drawing a wire across the medium
Swab cotton on the end of a slender stick used for applying or collecting
Viable capable of living
Pure Culture culture of a single form of microorganisms, uncontaminated
Serological pertaining to the study of the serum component of the blood
Microscopic visible only by using a microscope
Negative Culture culture that fails to reveal the suspected organisms
Pathogens disease producing microorganisms
Positive Culture culture that reveals the suspected organism
Culture propagation of microorganisms in special media that are conclusive to their growth
Culturette self contained culturing packet system
Cytology science that deals with the formation structure & function of cells
Gelatin Culture culture of bacteria on a gelatin medium, such as agar
Histology study of the microscopic structure of tissue
Incubation period of culture development
Inoculate to add, implant or introduce another material; infective, immune, vaccine into another
Media substance on which microorganisms may grow: broth, gelatin, agar.
Agglutination clumping
Aerobes microorganism that lives & grows in a free oxygen environment
Anerobes a microorganism that lives & grows in the absence of oxygen
Microbes a microorganism, including bacteria, protozoa, algae, fungus and defined viruses.
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