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Yellow Drugs


Prozac fluoxetine
Flonase fluticasone
Lescol fluvastatin
Luvox fluvoxamine
Foradil/Oxeze formoterol
Monopril fosinopril
Lasix furosemide
Fucidin tab/oint fusidate sodium or fusidic acid
Atasol 8/Tylenol No. 1 acetaminophen caffeine codeine 8mg
Astasol 15/Tylenol No. 2 acetaminophen caffeine codeine 15mg
Astasol 30/Tylenol No. 3 acetaminophen caffeine codeine 30mg
Neurontin gabapentin
Reminyl galantamine
Lopid gemfibrozil
Garamycin gentamicin
Diamicron gliclazide
Amaryl glimepride
Diabeta glyburide
Percocet acetaminophen oxycodone 5mg
222 /AC&C 8mg acetylsalicylic acid caffeine codeine 8mg
Percodone acetylsalicylic acid oxycodone 5mg
Florinal C 1 1/2 or 1/4 acetylsalicylic acid caffeine codeine butalbital
Codeine codeine phosphate
Codeine Contin codeine sulfate
Ratio-Emtec 30 acetaminophen oxycodone 30mg
Tylenol No. 4/ratio-Lenoltech acetaminophen oxycodone 60mg
Novo-Hydrazide hydrochlorothiazone
Aladctazide - 25 or 50 (hct) + spironolactone
Dyazide (hct) + triamterene
Cortate Cr hydrocortisone cream
Cortate Oint. hydrocortisone oint.
Hyderm hydrocortisone acetate
Westcort hydrocortisone valertate cr/oint.
Cortenema hydrocortisone enema
Solu-Cortef hydrocortisone tab
Cortifoam hydrocortisone rectal foam
Lozide indapamide
Indocid indomethacin
Ezetrol ezetimibe
Singular montelukast
Avapro irbesartan
Accutane isotretinoin
Nizoral ketoconazole
Orudis ketoprofen
Toradol ketorolac
Zaditen ketotifen
Trandate labetalol
Acillac lactulose
Duragesic fentanyl
Hycodan hydrocondone
Dilaudid hydromorphone
Demerol meperidine
3TC Heptovir lamivudine
Lamictal lamotrigine
Prevacid lansoprazole
Xalatan latanoprost
Arava leflunomide
Femara letrozole
Betagan levobunolol
Livostin levocabastine
M.O.S. (1,5,10,20)/ Morphitec morphine
Statex morphine sulfate
MS Contin morphine control release
M-Eslon/PMS Morphine morphine ER
Sulfate SR morphine SR
Talwin pentazocine
Supeudol oxycodone
Sufenta sufentanil
Created by: HollyMack