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Vocab Workshop H5

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 5

aficionado n. an enthusiastic fan
browbeat v. to bully into submission
commensurate adj. equal in size, extent,duration, or importance
diaphanous adj. very sheer and light
emolument n. profit from employment
foray n. a quick raid; v. to make a quick raid
genre n. a type or class
homily n. a sermon stressing moral principles
immure v. to enclose within walls
insouciant adj. carefree, happy-go-lucky
matrix n. a mold
obsequies n. funeral rites
panache n. a confident and stylish manner
persona n. a character in a novel or play
philippic n. a bitter verbal attack
prurient adj. having lustful desires or interests
sacrosanct adj. very sacred or holy
systemic adj. of or pertaining to the body
tendentious adj. intended to promote a particular point of view
vicissitude n. a change; pl. successive conditions
Created by: Bomoono