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South America

Physical Features/key terms

Altiplano A high plateau located in Peru and Bolivia, where metals such as silver, zinc, tin, and lead are found.
Andes Mountains The mountain range found along South America's west coast. It is the longest mountain range in the world, and it was formed from two tectonic plates which collided.
Pampas Large fertile grasslands found in the southeast part of South America where there are many busy ranches and commercial farms. This area stretches for 250,000 square miles.
Commercial Farming Growing food to sell for a profit.
Subsistence Farming Farming whose products are intended to provide for the basic needs of the farmer, with little surplus for marketing.
Amazon River Large river in South America whose mouth is in the Atlantic Ocean on the northeastern coast of Brazil. This river drains an area of about 2.7 million square miles.
Ecosystem The plants and animals that depend on each other and their environment for survival.
Vertical Climate Zones Climate zones that change according to elevation. (Climate is the average weather of a place over many years.)
Quechua The descendants of the Incas who still live on the southern Altiplano and in nearby mountains who speak the ancient Incan language.
Atacama Desert Desert found in the northern part of Chile whose landscape has been compared to the landscape of Mars.
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