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ch 10-14

medical terminology

Pharmac drug
somni sleep
turbin shaped like a top
spas pull, draw
tens stretch
blast bud
med middle
strict draw together
orth straight
pre in front of, before
olfact smell
hom same
phak lens
an, a without, not
maxill upper jawbone
trich hair
traumat wound
glom ball
mal bad
pharyng pharynx
duodeno duodenum
ureter ureter
infer under
rrhe flow
splanchn internal organs
volv to roll
ton stretch
sta stand
cryo cold
infra beneath
inter between
lal speech
ramus branch
poly many
pan all
tegument covering, skin
metr uterus
post after
rrhag burst forth
heter other
ger old
fiss split
meta beyond
lymph watery fluid
lept slender
vuls twitch, pull
laryng larynx
bronch bronchus
col colon
esophag esophagus
tri three
bi two
fac make, do
duct tube
clas break
cau burn
capit head
dis apart
morph form
mi less
necr dead
brachy short
amphi around, on both sides
intra inside, within
macro large
proli offspring
sarc flesh
puer child
vestibule entrance
ili ilium
pect chest
eury broad
ambi both
eu good
dia through
di twice
vert turn
ventr front
ile ileum
therap therapy
lig ligament
neuro nerve
lien spleen
neo new
ameb change
arter, arther artery
apo away from
scol curved
osmo odor
dynam power
mechano machine
thromb lump, clot
proxim nearest
schiz split
appendic appendix
plegia paralysis
ante before
thyro thyroid
splen spleen
ovario ovary
adreno adrenal glands
thel nipple
ex out, away from
basi base
pelvi pelvis
pseud false
lumbo loins
pachy thick
platy flat
cata down
poster back part
ab away from, not
syn, sym together
therm heat
hormone excite
semi half
phrag, phrax fence
gyn female
tumor swelling
vena vein
urethr urethra
utero uterus
sacro sacrum
xer dry
per throughout
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