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aa of each/ affected area
a.c. before meals
ad up to
a.d. right ear
ad lib. as desired
a.l. left ear
a.m. morning
aq. water
aq. dest distilled water
a.s. left ear
a.u. each ear
bid twice daily
b.m. bowel movement
b.p. blood pressure
C one hundred
c with
caps capsules
comp compound
d day
dil dilute
disp. dispense
div divide
d.t.d give of such a dose
el., elix elixir
et and
Gm gram
gr. grain
gtt, or gtt drop, drops
h. hour
h.s. at bedtime
IM intramuscular
IV intravenously
liq. liquid
M mix
m. as directed
mixt, mist a mixture
no. number
noc night
non rep not to be repeated
O a pint
od right eye
ol, os left eye
ou each eye
pc, pos cib after meals
PM evening
PO orally
pr rectally
prn as needed
pulv powder
q every
qam every morning
qd everyday
qh every hour
qid four times daily
qod every other day
qpm every night
qs quality sufficient
qv as much as you wish
Rx make a recipe
rep let it be repeated
s without
sa according to art
sig label
sol solution
sq subcutaneous
ss one half
sos if there is a need
stat immediately
subq subcutaneously
supp suppository
sry syrup
tab tablet
tid three times daily
tr tincture
trit triturate
ung ointment
UT, Dict, ud as directed
w.a. while awake
x ten
a, an lacking
ab away from
ambi both
amphi around
ana up
ante, anti oppose
apo separation
bi two
brady slow
cata down, against
contra against, opposed
de away from
di two
dia through
dis apart from, free from
dys difficult
e, ec,ex,es away from
ecto outside
erythro red
extra beyond
glyco sweet, sugar
hemi half
hyper excess
hypo deficiency
idio individual
infra below
intra within
juxta of close proximity
lepto thin
macro large
meg huge
mesa middle
micro very small
omni all
pachy thinkening
para near
per through
peri around
phaco denoting eye lens
poly excessive
post after
pre before
pro in front of
psuedo false
py, pyo denoting pus
pyr, pyreto fever
re again
retro backward
sclero hardening
semi half
skeleto denoting the skeleton
steno narrow
sub beneath
super/supra above
sym with
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