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adv pos q 3 for mid

advanced positioning midterm quiz 3

True or false: arthrograms are usually performed under aseptic conditions. true
How much should the head and shoulders be elevated after a myelogram? 30-45 degrees
Where does the central ray enter on an AP projection with right and left bending for lumbar spinal fusion? L3
For lumbar spinal fusion radiographs, with the patient’s left leg crossed over the right, what position is the patient in? right bending
How much contrast is usually injected for myelogram studies? 9-12 ml
Spinal fusion radiographs are usually taken: 6 months post-op
Trauma to the TMJ can cause the articular disk to be displaced how? anteriorly
The puncture site for an arthrogram of the TMJ is: ½” anterior to the tragus
What patient positions are used during myelogram studies? lateral with flexion and prone
What projections are taken wit ha shoulder arthrogram? tangential, axillary, 30 degree AP oblique
Name 3 common purposes of shoulder arthrography rotator cuff tears, persistent pain/weakness, limited ROM
What position is commonly used for hyperflexion and hyperextension radiographs for scoliosis? lateral recumbent
When the patient leans backwards and posteriorly extends the thighs, what position are they in? hyperextension
When positioning for a scoliosis series, the BOF must be placed to include: iliac crests
What is the name of the cyst that arises in the popliteal area of the knee? Baker’s
Double contrast arthrography often includes what type of contrast mediums? gaseous material, iodinated contrast
Name 3 purposes for a hip injection congenital hip dislocation, detection of loose hip prosthetics, infection.
What position is the patient in for R and L bending radiographs for lumbar spinal fusion AP supine
What is the puncture site for a shoulder arthrogram? ½” inferior and lateral to the coracoid
Name 3 contraindications for a myelogram blood in CSF, arachnoiditis, recent LP
Name 3 purposes for a knee arthrogram locate tear of joint capsule, demonstrate soft tissue structures, locate ligament tear
What is the puncture site for a wrist arthrogram? dorsal side through the articulation of the radius, scaphoid, and lunate.
Contrast media for a cervical myelography is injected where? between the C1-C2 interspace
The puncture site for a hip arthrogram is: ¾” distal to the inguinal crease and ¾” lateral to the palpable femoral pulse
In what space is the needle placed for myelography? subarachnoid
What position will prevent contrast from advancing into the ventricles? hyperextension
What positions are typically performed to diagnose scoliosis? PA erect, PA prone, PA prone w/ lateral flexion
Name 3 common projections for a wrist arthrogram PA, Lateral, obliques
Between what 2 disk spaces is contrast injected for lumbar myelography? L2-L3 or L3-L4
Orthoroentgenography radiography used to determine bone length
performed to evaluate the extent of bone cancer due to metastases skeletal survey
standards to measure bone age greulich and pyle
most common site for skeletal metastases vertebral column
skeletal maturation is determined by: the appearance, size and differentiation of various ossification centers.
Occurs after birth when the epiphysis forms at the end of e long bone secondary ossification
The term given to the development and formation of bones ossification
Tissue that lines the medullary cavity endosteum
Beginning before birth, this forms the bulk of irregular and short bones primary ossification
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