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110 Operations


Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Destruction or neutralization of enemy submarines
Anti-Surface Warfare (ASUW) Destruction or neutralization of enemy surface combatants and merchant ships
Air Defense (AD) Warfare Action required to destroy or reduce an enemy's air and missile threat
Information Warfare Action taken to achieve information superiority over the adversary
Strike Warfare (STW) Destruction or neutralization of enemy land- based targets with conventional or nuclear missiles
Naval Special Warfare (NSW) portable device which has the ability to transmit a signal
How does the reserve component integrate with active component navy will employ reserve forces and personnel to relieve the stress on Active operating TEMPO by deploying
Mobile Detachment Purpose A physically separated but functionally integrated and administratively dependent unit of a CNO
Direct Support Assets Purpose are deployable assets to meet quick reaction mission requirements
Primary service provided by Mine Warfare UUV Platoon water mine warfare tactical intelligence preparation of the operational environment
Primary service of Naval Oceanography ASW Team meteorology and oceanography
Primary service of Strike Group Oceanography Team (SGOT) weather support for strike groups
Mobile Environment Team (MET) quick-reaction, mobile weather forecast group
Electronic Warfare IO Core Capabilities use of EM spectrum to effectively deny used of this medium by an adversary
Computer Network Operations (CNO) IO Core Capabilities Networked computers and supporting IT infrastructure systems to attack, exploit, and defend information
Military Information Support Operations (MISO) planned operations to convey selected truthful information and indicators to foreign audiences
Operations Security (OPSEC) process that identifies information that can be observed by adversary intelligence that may prove useful to them
Blue Team Protection of the targeted assets and conducting training to local personnel
Red Team Network intrusion testing and operational penetration testing and provides CNA
FES Purpose Fleet Electronic Support. Install, remove, upgrade, and report on CCOP
Difference between USC Title 10 and 50 USC Title 10- outlines the role of armed forces in US code USC Title 50- outlines the role of War and national defense
CRITIC (Critical Intelligence Communication) message sent out for large events. something the president would need to know about
CCOP Purpose augment SSES capabilities and FES uses it
NITES IV Purpose portable tactical environmental support system used to enhance the automated capabilities of teams/units that use it to provide METOC support
JDISS (Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System) Purpose program provides hardware and software capabilities that allow interoperability with intelligence systems
Maritime Domain Awareness The effective understanding of anything associated with the Global Maritime Domain that could impact the security, safety, economy, or environment of a nation
Maritime Operation Center (MOC) Purpose Structure for effective reach back support for an operational level maritime CDR.
Ship's Signal Exploitation Space (SSES) coordinate, monitor, and oversee the defense of Navy computer network and systems
Cryptologic Direct Support Element (CDSE) team and their equipment subordinated to an operational commander to provide cryptologic signal intelligence (SIGINT) direct support
Fourth Amendment Protects all US persons anywhere in the world and all persons within the United States form unreasonable searches and seizures by any person or agency acting on behalf of the Gov't.
CONOPS verbal or graphic statement that clearly and concisely expresses what the joint force CDR intends to accomplish
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