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Sewing Machine Parts

Parts and descriptions to almost every part of the sewing machine!

TermDefinitionNumber Part on the Machine
Pattern Selector Dial Selects the pattern in which the machine is going to sew. 2
Stitch Length Dial It determines the length of the stitches; should stay on 2.5 for normal stitching. 3
Bobbin Winder Stopper Stops the bobbin after winding. 4
Bobbin Winder Winds the bobbin. 5
Spool Pin and Holder Holds the spool of thread. 6
Face Plate Covers the inner workings of your machine. 7
Thread Cutter Cuts the thread away from the machine when you are finished sewing. 13
Sewing Light Adds directional light to the sewing area. 14
Throat or Needle Plate Allows the needle to pierce into the machine to pick up the bobbin thread. 15
Slide Plate Allows you to have access to the bobbin. 16
Extension Table Allows access to the free arm. 17
Take Up Lever Pulls the thread from the spool to the needle; at the start and at the finish of all seams, it should be at its highest point. 18
Carrying Handel Makes the machine portable. 19
Hand Wheel Allows the machine to become manual; always turned towards you. 20
Clutch Knob Breaks your machine so you can wind your bobbin. 21
On-Off Switch Turns it on and off. 23
Plug In It gives your machine power. 24
Pressure Foot Lifter It lifts and lowers the pressure foot. 25
Needle Clamp Screw It holds the needle in place. 26
Pressure Foot Holds the fabric to the machine while sewing. 27
Free Arm Sew items such as circular items. 28
Feed Dogs Move your fabric through your machine. 30
Reverse Stitch Lever Causes the machine to back up; used at the beginning and the end of all permanent seams. 1
Created by: Michaela53
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