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Apps For Academics

Apps For Academics Eval Vocab

Double Spacing Putting 2.0 line space between two lines of text
Italicize Makes your text slanted
Print/Print review Allows you to review your document before the printing process,
Clipboard Holds your cut text and reapplys to document when needed
Font color Changes the color of your text
Superscript Types very small letter above the lines of text
Bold Makes your text darker
Sort/ Ascending and descending To put the text in a certain order. Ascending: In alphabetical or numerical order Descending: The opposite of numerical and alphabetical order
Center Alignment To align the text in the center
Shading Highlights the text and the background of it.
Find/Replace Allows you to fin a word and replace it with a new one.
Cover Page Inserts a fully formatted cover page.
Online Pictures/ Word Art Online Pictures: Allows you to search the internet for images Word Art: Inserts colorful text into the document.
Hyperlink Inserts a link that goes directly to the website
Text Box Inserts a box on the side of the document for text
Portrait A certain orientation that flips the page vertically
Page color Changes the color of the document
Thesaurus Allows you to find synonyms and antonyms of a certain word
Default (Font Size) Font size pre set up for the document: Calibri (body)
Save/Save as Save: Allows you to save changes to your document Save As: Used for a new document, inserts it into your H drive
Cut/Copy/Paste Cut: To remove text and place on the clipboard Copy: Creates a replica of the selected text Paste: Enters the text into the chosen space
Open Allows you to open another document
Close Exits the current document
Font Changes the way the text looks
Change Case Changes the size of the text
Subscript Types very small letter bellow the line of text
Bullets Creates a bulleted list for the text
Show/Hide Allows you to show or hide the ribbon
Justified Aligns the paragraph correctly with the margins
Borders Adds a thin or thick line around the text
Select Allows you to select all the text on the document
Blank Page Adds a new page to the document
Shapes/Smart Art Shapes: Adds shapes into the document Smart Art: Visually displays information
Headers/Footers Header: The top of the document Footer: The bottom of the document
Page Orientation Allows you to change the display of the document
Columns Vertical boxes that are in a table
Envelopes Used to send a letter to a certain address
Labels Used to address importance of a letter
Undo/Redo Allows you to undo something or redo something
Single Spacing Putting 1.0 line space between two lines of text
Underline Puts a dark line under the selected text
Word Wrap When the text follows around with the margins and selected spacing
Increase Font Command that increases the font size
Decrease Font Command that decreases the font size
Font Size The size of the font
Highlight Adds color to the text
Strikethrough Adds a line through the selected text
Numbering Puts the text in a numbered list
Left Alignment Aligns the text on the left margin
Right Alignment Aligns the text on the right margin
Page Borders Adds a border around the entire page
Table/Rows/Columns Table: A box full of rows and columns Rows: Horizontal boxes in a table Columns: Vertical boxes in a table
Page Break Ends the current page and starts a new one
Charts Inserts a chart into the document
Page Numbers Numbers the pages in a document
Symbols Puts emphasis onto certain words, such as a company or trademark
Landscape Flips the page horizontally, this changes the orientation of the document
Watermark Adds a background picture or word to put emphasis and importance on the document
Spelling/Grammar check Checks the spelling and grammar of the document
Zoom Zooms into the document
Word Processing A software that prints, and displays work
Created by: 22langley
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