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Persian Notes Stack

The Persians were once part of the __________ culture of Asia. Aryan
How many years did the Persians live peacefully for? 1,000
Medes conquered the Persians, then ______ conquered Medes Cyrus the Great
"__________" were the strongest soldiers. Immortals
The Persian Empire stretched from Egypt to ________. India
What kind of religion did the Persians follow? Polytheistic
What was Zoroaster? It was a very important religious figure for The Persians.
What kind of officials did the King choose? They chose a governor, a secretary, and a general.
What did officials collect taxes of? Gold, Silver, Sheep, Wheat and Spices.
Where did the taxes go? They went to The Royal Treasury in Persepolis.
Inspectors checked for secrets of _______. Rebellion
What is a province? A city-state
How many provinces were there? 20
The Persians did not ______. trade
They encouraged who to trade? The people they conquered.
They thought that people that ______ were going to be liars, cheaters, and be greedy. traded
The Persians _______ trading. taxed
The Persians improved a system of _____ the Assyrians begun. roads
_____ ___ _____ conquered the Babylonians, and also freed the Hebrews / Jews. Cyrus the Great
_____ became the epitome of the great qualities expected of a ruler in antiquity. Cyrus
The decree of return for the Jews means that _____ freed the Jews when he captured _______. Cyrus and Babylon
The ___________ must also fund for the Jews journey home. Babylonians
All of their _______ gave help in every way. neighbors
Darius the Great ruled for __ years. 35
Many large building products were started under the rule of Darius, including the capitol city of __________. Persepolis
Darius's reign can be characterized by _______. battles
Darius planned an expansion to ______. Greece
Persa ment what? The city of the Persians.
Persepolis was built in ________. terraces
The Great Palace was built by ______. Xerxes I.
Persepolis was burned down by _________ ___ _____. Alexander the Great
List 5 accomplishments of Darius Centralized the administration Built the city Persepolis Made The Persian empire the largest empire in the world developed juridical systems introduced legal reforms
Where did revolts occur when Darius ruled? Susania and Babylonia
What was the largest rebellion? The Ionian Revolt
Why did Darius want to punish the Greeks? The Greeks supported the Ionian Revolt
Why was Persepolis only used during the summer? The paths turned to mud
What was the most likely reason the Greeks never knew of Persa? Administration of the Achaemenian Empire was overseen from Susa, Babylon, or from Ecbatama.
Which kings built up Persepolis? Darius, Xerxes I and Artaxerxes III
How do we know who built up the city Persepolis? Names have been found inscribed on tablets, over doorways, and in hallways?
Why was Persepolis so easy to defend? The terraces
The main building material was ____ Limestone
What did Alexander want to set fire at Persepolis? To take vengeance for the destruction of Greek temples.
What artifacts were destroy in the fire at Persepolis? Great religious works
Created by: Dmac2531