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What is evolution? The slow and continuous change in hereditary features of a population over time.
Define population A group of organisms of the same species that live together in the same environment.
Define species Organisms that are so closely related to each other that they can reproduce (same kind)
What is natural selection? SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! Organisms that are best adapted to their environment survive and reproduce
Define variation An inherited trait or behavior that makes one organism different from others of the same species. Variations become adaptations. Ex: Coat color on dog
Define adaptation Variations that aid in survival. Ex: Birds beaks being different sizes
Define competition Individuals indirectly or directly fighting for survival. Ex: food or mates
Define overproduction A species produces more offspring than can survive. Ex: a litter of dogs
Define selecting agents Predators, germs or environmental factors that can affect the survival of an organism
Define mutation A permanent change in a gene or chromosome (NEW GENE) that causes variations. These can be helpful, harmful or have no affect at all.
What does a favorable mutation do? Improves the survival of a species
What are the 4 pieces of evidence for evolution? Fossils, cells, embryos and homologous structure and origin of body parts. This evidence suggests we all evolved from a common ancestor.
Just before winter, the hair on horses grows thicker. This is an example of what? An adaptation
Some species of fish live most of their lives in saltwater but lay their eggs in freshwater. Their ability to survive in different environments is an example of... An adaptation
The study of mutations is important to the modern theory of evolution because it helps to explain... The appearance of variations in organisms
A favorable mutation would be one that... Improves the survival of a species
How does natural selection operate to change an environment? Members of a population differ so that only some will survive environmental changes
In an ecosystem, squirrals feed on acorns that house seeds for oak trees. In relationship to the survival and reproduction of the oak tree species, the squirrels act as... A selecting agent
Why did giraffes necks get longer over time? The longer necked giraffes were able to reach the tops of trees for food, therefore they were living and reproducing and shorter necked giraffes died out. Natural selection
With the black and white moths, how does the difference in their ability to survive in their environment on dark trees? The white moths are seen more easily and will be more likely to be seen and eaten by predators.
Created by: kosterman