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area studies ch.4

a person who comes and settles in a new country immigrant
a product or good sold in a foreign country export
# of deaths per year per 1000 people death rate
this method of producing electricity creates no carbon nuclear
these countries are the worlds richest nations developed
the population graph that shoes specific age groups pyramid
what emissions would cap & trade carbon dioxide
a coal mine is an example of a? primary indrustry
continent most affected by AIDS africa
a natural resource that can no be replaced non renewable
a company that conducts business all over the world multination
energy from the sun solar
small farmers who love on what they grow substences
a 800 acre com farm would be? commercial farming
term used to describe the former communist countries second world
a frve in restraunt would be an example of a tertiary indrustry
3/4 of the world population are these types of countries developing
births per 100 people each year birth rate
professional workders with specialized skills to work in this type of indrustry quarertary indrustry
a jelly bean factory would be a secondary indrustry
resources that can be replaced are called renewable resources
road power plants railroad and water systems are part of a countries infrastructure
this type of energy doesn't exist on a calm wind
energy captures by lava or hot springs geothermic
term used to describe developed countries first world
term used to describe developing countries third world
coal oil and gas are all fossil fuels
being able to read literate
work being done in a home would be a cottage indrustry
total value of products and services withing a country GDP
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