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PS: Ch. 11 Q

periodic back-and-forth motion that transmits energy wave
SI unit of frequency Hertz
Maximum distance objects are displaced by a wave Amplitude
Bending of the path of a wave which is a result of change in the speed of the wave refraction
States the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection Law of Reflection
When a wave passes through a narrow opening and begins to spread apart diffraction
substance a wave transmits energy through medium
when 2 or more waves meet and causes a reinforcement or cancellation to occur within the wave Interference
A wave where particles of a transmitting medium oscillate at right angles to the direction of the wave transverse wave
number of waves that pass through a given point per a specific time frequency
Strength of a sound wave intensity
SI unit for the intensity of a wave decibel
effect of intensity on the way the ear perceives sound loudness
effect of frequency on the way the ear perceives sound pitch
sounds that contain pitches above the audible range ultrasonic
speed that is above the speed of sound supersonic
when a loud noise is caused by a shock wave is a __?__ sonic boom
Sounds that can be heard by the ear audible
change in frequency caused by an object's motion doppler effect
Main factor that affects the speed of sound in the air temperature
When 2 notes interfere is a disagreeable way dissonance
When multiple reflections cause a long, persistent sound reverberation
sound of definite pitch produced by a singing voice or musical instrument note
frequency relationships between the fundamental and overtones harmonic series
Difference in pitch between one note and another note that has 2x frequency octave
dissipating the energy of sound waves in matter absorption
sound heard distinctly after being reflected from an object echo
most dominant sound created by a musical instrument fundamental
caused when 2 notes interfere with the harmony consonance
series of organized sound waves that have been deliberately arranged music
Created by: Mrs. Sechrist