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Archery Study

Lifetime Act Final

Anchor point fixed position against the bosy to which the draw hand is brought the string in hand
Bow hand hand that holds the bow
Cant to tilt the bow to the right or left, as indicated by the top limb tip, a full draw
Creeping letting the arrow move slowly forward before release (not maintaining draw length)
Draw hand hand that draws the bowstring back to the anchor point
Draw process of pulling back the bowstring
End specified # of arrows shot before archers go to the target to score and retrieve arrows
Follow-through archer's position after release of the arrow; ideally, the body, head, arm position are held steady, and the draw hand recoils over the draw shoulder as a result of continuous back tension
Nock to place an arrow on the bowstring. The attachment to the rear end of an arrow that is placed on the bowstring and holds the arrow on the string
Quiver a holder for arrows that may be worn, placed on the ground, or mounted on the now when hunting
Shooting line a marked line parallel to the targets, from which the archers shoot
Stance foot position taken when addressing the target
Created by: geenaboox3