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4th Top 200 Full

testosterone androgen hypogonadism, breast cancer, delayed puberty cream, gel, ointment, patch, transdermal solution, nasal gel, IM solution, implant pellet, buccal prostate cancer, pregnant, males with breast cancer, breastfeeding women application site pruritis and vesicles (transdermal) Secondary exposure (transdermal gel/solution); Pulmonary oil microembolism (tesosterone undecanoate)
mupirocin antibiotic, topical impetigo, 2nd skin infection, MRSA colonization cream, ointment, nasal ointment
metronidazole antibiotic, topical & systemic; amebicide, antiprotozoal; nitromidazole amebiasis, vaginosis, IAI, trichomoniasis, surgical Px IV solution, suspension, tablet (IR & ER) pregnant pts with trichomoniasis, EtOH within 3 days HA, nausea, vaginitis Carcinogenic (systemic)
cephalexin 1st gen. cephalosporin impetigo, endocarditis Px, SSTI, pharyngitis, uncomplicated cystitis capsule, suspension
cefuroxime 2nd gen. cephalosporin acute maxillary sinusitis, bone & joint infections, bronchitis, IAI, lyme disease, pharyngitis, laryngitis, CAP, SSTI, surgery Px, uncomplicated UTI IV solution, suspension, tablet B-lactam allergy diarrhea
dutasteride 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor BPH capsule pediatrics, women, pregnancy
finasteride 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor alopecia, BPH tablet weakness, orthostatic hypotention, impotence, DZ, ED
tamsulosin alpha-1 blocker BPH capsule orthostatic hypotension, HA, DZ, ED, infection, rhinitis
terazosin alpha-1 blocker; antihypertensive BPH, HTN capsule DZ, myasthenia
phenazopyridine urinary analgesic dysuria tablet renal insufficiency
Created by: kcapizzi