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Facial Bones

Bontrager Ch 11

WTF is this?No Shit Sherlock
Largest IMMOVABLE bone of face? Maxilla
Largest Movable bone of face? Mandible
14 Facial Bones 2 Maxilla, 2 Zygoma, 2 Nasal, 2 Inf Nasal Conchae, 2 Palatine, 2 Lacrimal, 1 Vomer, 1 Mandible
4 Processes of Maxilla Frontal, Zygomatic, Alveolar, Palatine Processes
Inferior margin of Maxilla is __, it unites with __ ? Alveolar Process with Teeth
What forms the anterior portion of the hard palate? Palatine Processes of Maxillae
What forms the posterior portion of the hard palate? Palatine Bones (horizontal portions)
__ is a Congenital birth defect, opening btwn __ bones due to incomplete fusion? Cleft Palate, Palatine Processes
What small, delicate bone forms the medial side of each orbit? Lacrimal Bone
Superior & Middle Nasal Conchae are part of what bone? Ethmoid
__ project from lateral walls of nasal cavity to warm & clean air before it enters the lung? Nasal Conchae (turbinates)
Which bone joins the Vomer to form the Bony Nasal Septum? Perpendicular Plate of Ethmoid
Any SMV Projection has Mandibular Condyles (Posterior/Anterior) to Petrous Ridges? Anterior
On SMV, how do you correct for Mandible superimposing Petrous Ridges or visible Frontal bone? Tilt back more (Insufficient Extension)
PA Transoral Waters for Sinuses has __ Ʇ to IR? CR Exits __ ? MML Ʇ, Exit Acanthion
What projection demonstrates Sphenoid Sinuses within the oral cavity? PA Transoral (Open Mouth Waters)
AP Axial (Modified Towne) for TMJ has __ Ʇ to IR? CR and tube angle? CR 35° Caudal w OML Ʇ to IR, 3" ↑ Nasion
LAT Facial bones has __ Ʇ to IR? CR? IPL Ʇ to IR, CR to Zygoma
Radiograph of LAT Facial bones with skull clipped MUST be repeated (T/F)? False- Facial bones only
Technical name for Waters projection? Parietoacanthial
Parietoacanthial projection has __ Ʇ to IR? CR? Waters- MML Ʇ to IR, Exit Acanthion
Parietoacanthial places what landmark where? Waters- Petrous Ridges ↓ Maxillary Sinuses
Routine Facial Bone projections? LAT, Parietoacanthial (Waters), PA Axial (Caldwell)
Modified Waters for Facial bones has __ Ʇ to IR? CR? Mod Waters- LML Ʇ to IR, Exit Acantion
What projection puts the Petrous Ridges in the lower 1/3 of Maxillary Sinuses? Mod Parietoacanthial (Mod Waters)
Technical name for Caldwell projection? PA Axial
PA Axial projection has __ Ʇ to IR? CR and tube angle? Caldwell- CR 15° Caudal w OML Ʇ to IR, Exit Nasion
What projection puts the Petrous Ridges in the lower 1/3 of the Orbits? PA Axial (Caldwell)
What projection should you do for Orbital Floors? PA 30° Caudal
LAT Nasal Bones has __ Ʇ to IR? CR? Bucky? CR 1/2" ↓ Nasion, IPL Ʇ to IR, TT
Superoinferior Axial for Nasal bones CR & relevant lines? CR to Nasion w GAL Ʇ to IR, CR parallel to GAL
At what age do the 2 Mandible bones fuse? Where? 1 year @ Symphysis Menti
Mental __ is the triangular area below the symphysis, while Mental __ is it's center? Mental Protuberence, Mental Point (center)
This process at the anterior end of the mandibular notch is not an articulation? Coronoid Process
This posterior process of the ramus forms the TMJ? Condyloid Process
Which projection shows the mentum, body, gonion, ramus, coronoid process & condyle of the Mandible? SMV
On a Mandibular SMV, the Condyle projects (Medial/Lateral) and the Coronoid Process projects (Medial/Lateral)? Condyle Medially - Coronoid Laterally
What joint types allow for the (1) side to side & (2) open movements of the Mandible? Gliding & Hinge
When the mouth is OPEN the Condyle is IN the Tempromandibular Fossa? (T/F) False- Closed is IN
The Orbit projects __° superior & __° medial? 30° Superior, 37° Medial
Joint classification for Alveolar Processes & teeth? Fibrous, Synarthrodial
The Orbit is oriented with outer rim (Apex/Base), while the (Apex/Base) is posterior by Optic Foramen? Base, Apex
Which bones form the circular Base of the Orbit? Frontal, Maxillary, Zygomatic
What 7 bones make up the Orbit? Frontal, Zygomatic, Maxillary, Lacrimal, Ethmoid, Sphenoid, Palatine
Most medial opening of the Orbit is a passage for the optic nerve? Optic Foramen
Orbital opening btwn greater & lesser wings of Sphenoid? Superior Orbital Fissure
Orbital opening btwn Maxilla & Zygomatic? Inferior Orbital Fissure
Enlargement of the optic nerve can cause erosion of this bridge of bone? Sphenoid Strut
OBL Inferosuperior (Tangential) for Arches has __ parallel to IR? Part position? IOML parallel to IR, 15° Rotate AND Tilt
AP Axial (Towne) for Arches has __ Ʇ to IR? CR and tube angle? CR 30° Caudal w OML Ʇ to IR, 1" ↑ Glabella
Technical name for Rhese (3 point landing)? Parietoorbital Oblique
Parietoorbital OBL has __ Ʇ to IR? CR and tube angle? Chin, Cheek, Nose puts AML Ʇ to IR (MSP 37° )
Axiolateral OBL for Mandible has __ parallel to the IR? CR + Tilt =__° ? CR to area of interest parallel to IR, 25° Cephalic
Axiolateral OBL for Mandible w 0° (True LAT) is for __? 10°-15° Rotation for __? True LAT Ramus, General Survey (10-15°)
Axiolateral OBL for Mandible w 45° rotation is for __? 30° rotation for __? Mentum (45°), Body (30°)
PA for Mandible has __ Ʇ to IR? CR? PA- OML Ʇ to IR, Exit Lips
PA Axial for Mandible has __ Ʇ to IR? CR and tube angle? CR 20-25° Cephalic w OML Ʇ to IR, Exit Acanthion
Rami & Body best demonstrated with __? TMJ & Condyler heads best demonstrated with __? PA (rami/body), PA Axial (TMJ)
AP Axial (Towne) for Mandible has __ Ʇ to IR? CR and tube angle? CR 35° Caudal w OML Ʇ to IR, @ Glabella
What is the alternative for AP Axial (Towne) if patient can't tuck chin for OML Ʇ? CR 42° Caudal w IOML Ʇ
For Panorex, what are fixed in position? Where is the IOML? CR, SID, IR fixed, IOML parallel to floor
All sinuses develop in fetus, but only __ have definite cavity at birth? Maxillary
__ & __ are visible by 6 or 7, while __ develop by late teenage years? Frontal & Sphenoid, Ethmoid latest forming
Which sinuses have a close relationship with roots of teeth? An older term for these sinuses? Maxillary, Antrum of Highmore
ETHMOID sinuses are larger in men than women? (T/F) False- Frontal larger in men
__ is when a basal skull fracture has caused blood to pool within the skull? Sphenoid Effusion
Maxillary sinuses drain first into the __, then __, to __? Max→Infundibulum→Middle Nasal Meatus→Inferior Nasal Meatus
Frontal & Ethmoid sinuses drain first into the __, to __, to __? F/Eth→Ethmoid Bulla→Middle Nasal Meatus→Inferior Nasal Meatus
Where/How do the sinuses intercommunicate? Osteomeatal Complex
__ is an infection caused by blockage of the Osteomeatal Complex? Sinusitis
LAT sinuses has __ Ʇ to IR? CR? IPL Ʇ to IR, CR btwn Outer Canthus & EAM
What projection best demonstrates all 4 sinuses? LAT Sinuses
PA Caldwell for Sinuses has __ Ʇ to IR? CR? Part position? OML Ʇ to IR, head tilt 15°, Exit Nasion (OML ends 15° from horz)
Axiolateral OBL (mod Law) for TMJ CR? Tube angle? Pt position? CR 15° Caudal, Rot 15° to IR, 1.5" ↑ EAM (15 is the Law)
Axiolateral TMJ (Schuller) CR & tube angle? CR 25-30° Caudal, 2" ↑ & 1/2" Anterior EAM
Created by: RadTechTKD