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Chapter 4

Casey and Kayla

Why is philosophy important to teachers? Teachers use philosophy to help determine how they teach their students. (Multiple Answers)
What is educational philosophy? Consists of what you believe about education - the set of principles that guides your professional action
What determines your educational philosophy? Your beliefs about the different dimensions of teaching are the foundation of your teaching philosophy
What are the branches of philosophy? Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Axiology
What is Progressivism? The aim of education should be based on the needs and interests of the students
What is Perennialism? Students should acquire knowledge of enduring great ideas
What is Essentialism? Schools should teach students in a disciplined and systematic way, a core of essential skills
What is Social Reconstructionism? In response to significant social problems of the day, schools should take the lead in creating a new social order
What is Existentialism? In the face of an indifferent universe, students should acquire an education that will enable them to assign meaning to their lives
What is Humanism? Children are innately good, and education should focus on individual needs, personal freedom, and self-actualization
What is Behaviorism? By careful control of the educational environment and with appropriate reinforcement techniques, teachers can cause students to exhibit desired behaviors
What is Constructivism? Teachers should understand students' understanding and view learning as an active process in which learners construct meaning
What is Humanistic Psychology? Emphasizes personal freedom, choice, awareness, and personal responsibliltiy
What has influenced teaching philosophy? Humanism, Behaviorism, and Constructivism
What is YOUR educational philosophy? (HINT: Do the philosophic inventory) Answers will vary
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