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Science Questions

Give an example of how an ecosystem can change slowly? Eutrophication
Explain how eutrophication can change an aquatic system into a land system. Nitrogen and phosphorus increase in a body of water. Microorganisms grow and increase causing other organisms to die. Dead organisms decay at the bottom of the ocean. Soil and grass grow. Then the ecosystem will change from a pond to a meadow.
What is the difference between primary and secondary session? Primary has no soil- it is barren. Secondary has soil.
What does the acid and lichens do in primary succession? They break down the rock into particles and allow the particles to mix with the lichens to make soil
How is the soil enriched in primary succession? The moss begins to replace the lichens allowing for insects and other small organisms to live there allowing the soil to enrich.
Explain the steps of secondary succession. First year farmer stops growing crops and wild plants begin to grow. Second year new plants appear. In five to fifteen years, conifer trees will grow. After 100 years, a forest of maple and oak trees will grow.
Explain the steps of primary succession. glacier exposes bare rock. Acid and lichens break down the rock The particles mix with the lichen and makes soil. moss will replace the lichen. insects and other small organisms live in the moss. soil is enriched, ferns will replace the moss.
Can ecosystems recover after a catastrophic event? yes
Do ecosystems ever stop changing? no
Where does photosynthesis take place? In the chloroplast
What is the function of the chlorophyll? To catch the sun’s energy
What are the reactants (starting products) of photosynthesis? Sun, water, carbon dioxide (CO2)
What are the products (ending products) of photosynthesis? Sugar, ATP (energy) and Oxygen (O2)
What does cellular respiration mean? to breathe
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