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Ch. 7 Science

Ch. 7 review questions for section 1-5

What are some adaptations that Darwin noticed on his trip? Same species with different beak structures help in obtaining food
What are some examples of Scientific theory in this chapter? diversity of organisms, the remains of ancient organisms, and darwin's theory of evolution
Who was Darwin and what did he write that proposed a groundbreaking theory? Darwin was a british naturalist, who developed the theory of evolution by natural selection
What traits can be acted upon by natural selection? Inherited traits
What type of evidence do scientists use to determine evolutionary relationships? They use shared derived characteristics on a branching tree diagram
How do fossils form? Fossils form when dead animals get buried and the sediment around them and the hard parts of their bodies turn to stone
How can comparative anatomy be used to provide evidence of evolution? It shows a similarity in body structure that are inherited from an early ancestor.
What are some of the main causes of extinction? Extinction is caused by change in a species' environment.
What are the main ways that new species form? When a group of individuals are isolated from the rest of its species long enough to evolve different traits
What are the 3 domains used to classify animals? How do they determine which organisms go in which? Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya. They can be determined by cell type, ability to make food, and the number of cells they have in their bodies.
What is the difference between genus and species? A genus is a group of similar, closely related species, but species is physically similar and can produce fertile offspring.
What is the highest level of organization for living organisms? Which level has the most closely related organisms? Domain= highest level. Species= most closely related organisms.
Mnemonic device for the 8 levels of classification Do- Domain Kids- Kingdom Prefer- Phylum Candy- Class Over- Order Fried- Family Green- Genus Spinach- Species
Branching tree diagram a diagram that shows probable evolutionary relationships among organisms
How does a branching tree diagram group organisms? By the shared derived characteristics
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