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ART 200

Vincent van Gogh's "Carpenter" demonstrates: Careful attention to detail
Michelangelo created Study of a Reclining Male Nude: In preparation for a larger work
A full-sized drawing made as a guide for a work in another medium is: Cartoon
In "Preacher", Charles White gives the figure a feeling of mass, using the technique of: Cross-Hatching
All of the following are true of pastel EXCEPT It differs greatly from chalk
Which artist creates sophisticated drawings on an iPad? David Hockney
All of the following are examples of dry media EXCEPT Gouache
Which of the following media used today is most similar to drawing media used by prehistoric people? Charcoal
Marjane Satrapi's "Persepolis" is an example of a Graphic Novel
Projective drawing involves Creating something that only exists in teh artist's mind
Hiphopabad, Botoxia, and Trumpistan are all places in an inventive map by Maira Kelman and Rick Meyerowtiz
The album "Biophilia" was released as A series of IPad apps
Donald Meeker was instrumental in updating th font of White-on-green interstate freeway signs
An identifying mark or trademark is referred to as a Logo
Heidi Cody's American Alphabet is a set of light boxes that feature the isolated first letters of American: Groceries
A relatively new discipline, motion graphics began with Title sequences for Hollywood movies
A 2009 building in Japan broke new ground by integrating into its Quick Response (QR) Code
All of the following are true of the QR5 iwnd turbine EXCEPT It's sole drawback is the hazard it presents to birds
Robert Longo's Corporate Wars: Wall of Influence is an example of A high-relief sculpture
Due to it's monumental size, Viola Frey's Stubborn Woman, Orange Hands is supported using: An armature
Sculpture that is mant to be seen from all sides is call in-the-round or: Freestanding
Pablo Picasso's "Bull's Head" is and example of a(n): Assemblage
What is also called a substitution process? Casting
A typical example of a low-relief sculpture is: A Coin
Alexander Calder was one of the first artists to explore the possiblities of: Kinetic Sculpture
Julio Gonzalez was teh first sculptor to use: The welding torch
Olafur Eliasson's The Weather Project is an example of Site-specific art
A subcategory of constructed sculpture, seen in the works of Deborah Butterfield, that involves the use of familiar objects in new ways is: Assemblage
Which nineteenth-century artist attempted to bring craft and fine art together by creating a design company? William Morris
Dale Chihuly is noted for his intricate and colorful works in: Glass
Which artist is known for creating "story quilts"? Faith Ringgold
To be a ceramist, one must: Work with clay
In weaving, fibers are held in place on a: Loom
Which statement is NOT true of Peter Voulkos? He worked with fiber
In Muslim regions of the Middle East, which craft was practiced with great sophistication? Metal Inlay
Which material is said to possess a vitality, or living spirit? Wood
The term used to discuss how a building stands up is Structure
"Zimbabwe" means: "Stone House
Which structure features an arcade of round arches? Pont du Gard
In the Crystal Palace, Joseph Paxton made use of: Cast Iron
"Metallic Flower" is the description given by Frank to his Geggenheim Museum Bilbao
Gothic builders were able to open large areas for windows, because they used pointed arches and: Flying buttresses
Who led the Chicago school and is generally regarded as the first great modern architect? Louis Sullivan
Which architect famously stated "less is more" Mies van der Rohe
LEED gives awards to architects for Environmental design
Some believe that the sculpture Woman of Willendorf was associated with The Great Mother Goddess
Which structure features a ring of posts and lintels? Stonehenge
How are Petroglyphs made By scratching an image onto a stone surface
The Mesopotamians built their temples, such as that of Ur-Nammu, on a type of structure called a: Ziggurat
Early stone tools were developed about: 2 million years ago
The word "Neolithic" means: New Stone Age
During the Neolithic period, art went from: Naturalistic to abstract
The ancient Sumerians developed the world's first: (3) Wheel, plow, and writing system
The Pyramids of Egypt are among the world's best-known examples of: Commemorative monuments
What year did modern-day cavers rediscover the ancient Paleolithic drawings inside Chauvet Cave? 1994
How many years ago, is it believed, the drawings in Chauvet Cave were made? 35,000
Why is the original Chauvet Cave now closed to the public? Human Contamination
How much did the replica of the Chauvet Cave cost to construct? 55 million Euros
What is the main subject matter of the drawings in Chauvet Cave? Animals
What are the walls of the Chauvet Cave reproduction made of? Resin and Concrete
Between whihc years, is it believed, the ancient cave art of Lascaux was created? 18,000 - 10,000 BC
What is the name of the culture that created the art of Lascaux Cave? Magdalenian
What year was Lascaux Cave rediscovered? 1940
Who rediscovered Lascaux Cave? 4 kids and their dog
Why did the owners of Lasaux Cave create a reproduction? To solve the tourist contamination problems
Which of the following animals is NOT on of the three principle animals appearing on walls of Lascaux? Birds
(True or False) The paintings in Lascaux are a hunting scene? False
How long is the largest animal painting in Lascaux Cave? 16 feet
What is the largest animal painting in Lascaux Cave? Bull
How did ancient Egyptian artists depict the individual parts of the human body? Each from the most recognizable angle
(True or False) The ancient Egyptian Temple of Karnak was built all at once. False
(True or False) Egyptian Art style, especially regarding the human form, changed very little over a span of 3,000 years. True
According to the instructional grid found in the Temple of Ramose, how tall was a drawing of the human body required to be? 19 squares tall
According to the instructional grid found in the Temple of Ramose, how long was a drawing of the human foot required to be? 2.5 squares long
The 3 Pyramids of Gize contain enough stond to lay a wall around what country? Spain
Portrait Head of an Old Man is an example of Roman sculpture
What was the Parthenon designed to honor? The Goddess of Wisdom and prudent warfare
The meeting of decorative nomadic style and Christianity can be seen most clearly in illustrated books from: Ireland
Which of these strutures is Gothic notre-Dame de Chartres
The first Chrtistian churches were patterened after basilicas that were used by the Romans as: Government buildings
The first large sculptures since Roman times can be found in what part of the Romanesque churches? Over the central doorway
Early Christian art was created in private homes and underground burial chambers called: Catacombs
One feature that set Gothic architecture apart from Romanesque was the extensive use of: Stained Glass
The Acropolis rised above what modern day Greek city? Athens
In what year was the Parthenon temple built? 5,000BC
The Parthenon is dedicated to what Goddess? Athena
The Erechtheion temple (containing 6 beautiful maidens functions as columns) was dedicated to which two Greek Gods? Athena and Poseidon
(True or False) In ancient Greece, the Agora was a marketplace. True
When was the Agora built? 6th Century BC
In the Agora, what philosopher preached the virtues of "nothing in excess" and urging listeners to "Know thyself?" Socrates
What are the three architectural style "order of columns" in chronological order? Doric, Ionic, Corinthian
When was the massive Roman Colosseum built? 72AD
The Colloseum was built under the reign of what emperor? Vespasian
The Romans paid homage to what earlier culture when the classic "order of columns" wsa incorporated into the design of the Colosseum? The Greeks
How many seats did the Colloseum have? 50,000
What was used to protect spectators from the sun at the Colosseum? Canvas Awnings
How many animals were slaughtered to celebrate the Colosseum's grand opening? 5,000
(True or False) Throughout the ages, the Panthenon had been cannibalized by various cultures for its material to use in other buildings. False
The massive one piece granite columns of the Pantheon were shipped from where? Egypt
What classic shape are the dimensions of the Pantheon based upon? Circle
(True or False) The Pantheon has been in continuous use for over 2,000 years. True
What is the only light source in the Pantheon? The Oculus
What is the Pantheon's dome mostly made from? Poured Concrete
What is the highestpart of the Pantheon's dome made from? Pumice
"Pantheon" means All the Gods
What country did the Renaissance begin in the early 1300s Italy
In approximately what year did the Renaissance end? 1650
What two ancient cultures were the artists and scientists of the Renaissance inspired by most in their studies? Greece and Rome
The Greek empire developed the Mediterranean and what other sea? Black
(True or False) The Greek civilization reached as far as India. True
(True or False) The Greeks ruled Egypt for hundred of years. True
By what year did the Roman Empire expand into Africa, Asia and Scotland? 100 AD
(True or False) The Roman Empire had over 50,000 miles of paved roads. True
What language did the Roman Empire use? Latin
In what year did uncivilized Germanic barbarians capture and destroy Rome? 476 AD
(True or False) The Medieval period lies between the fall fo the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. True
What religion took hold across most of Europe during the Medieva period? Christianity
Approximately what year did the High Middle Ages begin? 100 AD
By the 1200s, what percentage of Western Europeans were Catholic Nuns, Monks and Priests? 10%
During the Medieval period what was the most important branch of learning? Theology
During the Renaissance, what became the major focus of scholarly attention? Humanism
(True or False) Renaissance Humanists relied purely on reason as opposed to mysticism or astrology. True
What family ruled the Italian city state of Florence in the early Renaissance? Medici
(True or False) It was an acceptable practice to cut open dead human bodies for the purpose of study druing the medieval period. False
Who is considered (in the video presentation) the father of modern Anatomy? Vesalius
When was the compound microscope invented? 1590
(True or False) Fine Renaissance homes were often adorned with statues of ancient gods and goddesses. True
(True or False) In Medieval times, churches were typically built in teh Gothic style of architecture. True
(True or False) Medieval churhces had very few stained glass windows. False
(True or False) Medieval people believed that the Earth was at the center of the Universe and did not move. True
Who is considered to be the Father of Modern Astronomy? Copernicus
In 1610, who proved that the Earth orbited the Sun and spun on its own axis? Galileo
Almost all books during the Medieval period were written in what language? Latin
Around what year did Johannes Gutenberg invent the moveable type printing press? 1450
In what year did Martin Luther post his "Ninety-Five Theses" to the door of a German church? 1517
Masaccio's The Holy Trinity fresco is considered to be the first painting based on the systematic use of Linear Perspective
All of the following artits epitomize the High Renaissance EXCEPT Donatello
Michelangelo's David has a naturalistic pose, set in contrapposto, demonstrating the influence of Greek sculpture
In Jan van Eyck's The Arnolfini Portrait, the woman is wearing a green dress to symbolize Fertility
In The Conversion of Saint Paul, Caravaggio created drama though the high contrast of lights and dark and the use of extreme Foreshortening
The influence of Neoplatonism would be most likelly when, in a painting, a Renaissance artist highlights a Nude Classical Goddess
Many Baroque characteristics developed as propaganda for the Counter-Reformation
In the seventeenth century, in the Netherlands, the major patrons of paintings were The wealthy merchant class
With its decorative and sensual qualities, the Rocco style was particularly suited to the extravagant and often frivolous life of The French courch and aristocracy
In her painting Judith and the Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes, Artemisia Gentileschi demonstrates the close influence of Caravaggio
(True or False) Leonardo was a Painter, Sculptor, Architect, Engineer, and Scientist. True
In what year was Leonardo born? 1452
In what Northern Italian town was Leonardo born? Vinci
At age 15, Leonardo moved to what city with his father? Florence
(True or False) Leonardo opened a studio in Florence in his late thirties. False
(True or False) Leonardo was left-handed True
How many years did Leonardo work for The Duke of Milan? 17
One of Leonardo's greatest dreams was for man to Fly
Leonardo spent his last 3 years in France working as Chief Painter and Engineer to whom? Francis the 1st
How old was Leonardo when he died in 1519? 67
How old was Michelangelo when he completed a commission for his statue of Bacchus (the mythological God of Wine)? 21
(True or False) In Classical Mythology, the Satyr was a "demon of nature", representing elements of both mand and animal. True
The Satyr was sometimes represented as a horse, but more commonly as having the legs of what? Goat
Michelangelo created his first great marble statue while in Rome called: The Pieta
How many years did Michelangelo work to create his sculpture of David from a single block of marble (nicknamed - "The Giant." 2
(True of False) Michelangelo's statue of David has disproportionately large hand and head. True
What Pope summoned Michelangelo to Rome to make a tomb for him? Julius the 2nd
How many years did Michelangelo work on teh ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? 4
The Sistine Chapel covers ___ square feet of plaster. 10,000
How many figures are in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Ceiling painting? 343
How old was Raphael when Pope Julius commissioned him to paint a series of frescoes in the Vatican in 1509? 26
Although he is considered the 3rd great artist of the Florentine High Renaissance, what town did Raphael hail from? Urbino
(True or False) Raphael is best known for his series of paintings of the Virgin Mary, which have come to be seen as an "Industry Standard" for such devotional work. True
Many of Raphael's Madonna paintings use what compositional format technique (borrowed from Leonardo)? Pyramidical
(True or False) Raphael's use of Chiaroscuro provides an overall softness of color in his Madonna and Child paintings. True
How old was Raphael when he died on his birthday in 1520? 37
In his painting "The School of Athens", Raphael includes wise men and philosophers of what ancient classical culture? Greece
What 2 famous philosophers are at the center of Raphael's painting: "The School of Athens"? Plato and Aristotle
In "The School of Athens", Plato represents ___, while Aristotle represents Realism Idealism
(True or False) Raphael included a portrait of himself in his painting: "The School of Athens". True
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