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LCCC 117 Test 3

WTF is this?No Shit Sherlock
Incident electrons from Thermionic Emission hit the Anode at what speed? Half the speed of light
Xrays have an average energy of ___ ? 1/3 the set kVp
3 Interactions of Electrons & Target Heat, Characteristic Rays, Bremsstrahlung Rays
Heat is produced when __ shell electrons are excited? Outer
__ Xrays have energy equal to the difference in BINDING Energies btwn K & outer shells of Target? Characteristic
__ Xrays have energy equal to the Lost KINETIC Energy of the Incident electron? Bremsstrahlung
Characteristic Xrays are (Heterogenous/Homogeneous) ? Homogeneous
Bremsstrahlung Xrays are (Heterogenous/Homogeneous) ? Heterogenous
What makes Characteristic Xrays Homogeneous? 69.5 keV
Xray Spectrum Factors (5) kVp, mA, Waveform, Target Material, Filtration
How does ↑ kVp affect the Xray Spectrum Curve? ↑ kVp=↑ Quantity & ↑ Average Energy & ↑ Max (Max=kVp)
How does ↑ mA affect the Xray Spectrum Curve? ↑ mA = ↑ Quantity ONLY (No affect on Avrg or Max)
How does ↑ Waveform affect the Xray Spectrum Curve? ↑ Quantity & ↑ Average Energy (No affect on Max)
How does Target Material affect the Xray Spectrum Curve? Characteristic energy changes so PEAK changes (17 keV vs 69.5)
How does ↑ Filtration affect the Xray Spectrum Curve? ↑ Filtration = ↓ Quantity & ↑ Average Energy
Controlling factor of QUANTITY? mAs
Controlling factor of QUALITY? kVp
Interactions of Xray PHOTON & Matter? Compton Effect, Photoelectric Effect (+Transmission)
Point at which Photoelectric & Compton occur EQUALLY? 35 kVp
There are more __ Interactions when kVp <35? Photoelectric (Absorption)
There are more __ Interactions with high kVp (ex 85)? Transmission
Xray Interaction with an Outer Shell e⁻ that changes the direction of the Incident Photon? Compton Effect
Compton Scatter is dependent on the __ of the Photon and has a Probability of __ ? keV, 1/Energy
Photoelectric Absorption is dependent on the __ of the Photon and the __ of the Absorber ? keV, Atomic #
Photoelectric Absorption has a Probability of __ ? (1/Energy)³ - Z³
Xray Interaction with a K Shell e⁻ where the Incident Photon is ABORBED and Secondary Radiation is produced? Photoelectric Absorption
As kVp increase, the PROBABILITY of Compton Interactions INCREASES (T/F)? False - Probability Decreases
Fluoroscopy operates in what range of mA? 0.5-5 mA
Fluoro uses (High/Low) mA with a (High/Low) Patient Dose? Low mA, High Dose
What Image Intensifier part is made with Cesium Iodide? Input Phosphor
What Image Intensifier part is made with Zinc Cadmium Sulfide? Output Phosphor
Which formula calculates the added Energy from e⁻ acceleration in the Image Intensifier? Flux Gain
Flux Gain Formula FG = Output Phosphor Light/Input Phosphor Light (FG=Out/In)
Minification Gain Formula (Input Diameter/Output Diameter)² MinG=(In/Out)²
What calculates the system's increase of Brightness from Minification and increased Energy? Brightness Gain
Brightness Gain Formula BG=Flux Gain x Minification Gain (BG=FGxMG)
1"=__ cm 2.54 cm
Typical Conversion Factors for modern tubes? 80-250
Conversion Factor is __% of Brightness Gain? 1% of BG
ADC, ABC, ABS systems automatically regulate __ ? Fluoro TECHNIQUE to maintain Output Phosphor INTENSITY
__ has an electron gun that sends electrons to the target where they interact with incoming light from the signal plate to create a video signal? TV Camera
TV Camera converts __ from the __ to an __ TV Signal? Light, Output Phosphor, Electronic
What becomes the electronic TV Signal from the TV Camera? Electrons conducted THROUGH Signal Plate
What modern plastic spacer fills the gap btwn the Image Intensifier & TV Camera, works as impact absorber? Fiber Optic Coupler
Of the 2 main types of TV Cameras, __ & __, this is more common with less noise & better contrast? Vidicon (Common) & Plumbicon
This solid state detector is an alternative to TV Camera? Often used where? CCD, DSA (Dig Sub Angio)
In a CCD, __ is layered over a __? Silicon, Thin-Film Transistor (TFT)
In a CCD, __ produces the electrical charge? __ stores the electrical charge? Silicon, TFT stores
__ convert TV Signal to TV Image? TV Monitor
TV Monitor electron beam strike the __ of the __? Output Phosphor of Picture Tube
In the TV Monitor, the __ has an electron gun that adjusts the __ of electron beam in proportion to __ ? Picture Tube, Intensity of Beam, TV Signal Intensity
Form of TV electron Beams? How read? Raster Lines, Top Left to bottom Right
Standard TV uses __ frames per second, with __ fields? How many lines? 30 fps, 2 fields, 525 lines
Radiograph taken on cassettes using the fluoroscopic tube? Spot film
Recording method used cardiac cath before DSA, utilizes 35 mm film? Cinefluorography
Cinefluorography uses __ from the Image Intensifier __ to expose the film? __ or pulsed xray is synchronized to camera frame rate? Light, Output, Grid Controlled (pulsed)
Recording method that uses a magnetic disc to capture single frames of still video? (example) Videodisc recorders (Last image hold/store)
Created by: RadTechTKD