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Ch.10 Image quality

Equipment. Chap 10. Image Quality

A radiograph that faithfully reproduces structure and tissues is ID'd as a high-quality radiograph
4 most important characteristics of image quality? spatial resolution, contrast resolution, noise, artifacts
Resolution is the ability to image 2 separate objects and visually distinguish one from the other
__________ refers to the ability to image small objects that have high subject contrast spatial res
spatial res improves with a reduction in ____, ______, and _____. screen blur, motion blur, geometric blur.
What is contrast resolution? ability to distinguish structures of similar subject contrast.
_______ is a less precise term sometimes used instead of spatial and contrast res, is refers to the degree of sharpness. recorded detail
_______________ refers to the ability to visualize recorded detail when image contrast and optical density are optimized. visibility of detail
_______ is the random fluctuation in the OD of the image Noise
what 3 things reduce quantum mottle? high mAs, low kVp, slower image receptors
fast image receptors have ____ noise, and _____ spatial and contrast resolution. high, low
Reciprocity law? The OD will be the same if the mAs value is constant.
3 geometric factors? magnification, distortion, focal spot blur
** magnification factor? (3 ways) ......pg 174 MF= image size/object size. MF= SID/SOD. MF=Image size/object size = SID/SOD.
Two factors that affect image magnification? SID and OID
Focal spot blur is caused by what the ___________, which is larger to the ____ side of the image. effective size of the focal spot, cathode (so cathode side has greatest blur)
What is the most important factor for determining spatial resolution? focal spot blur
How to minimize focal spot blur? Small OID
Radiographic contrast, what is the equation? Contrast = IR contrast x Subject contrast
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