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Purple mode a/p

The cardiovascular system is made up of? The heart and blood vessels
What do the arteries carry from the heart to the tissues and organs? Blood
Deoxygenated blood takes on what colour? Purple
What is the sac the heart found in? Pericardium
What is the muscle layer of the heart? Myocardium
What does the pulmonary semilunar valve prevent? Regurgitation (back flow)
What do the right and left pulmonary veins carry back to the heart? Oxygenated blood
What does aortic semilunar valve permit? Blood flow in one direction
The arterial system composed of the coronary arteries branches from? And provide what with its own blood supply? Aorta. Myocardium
What is the specialized cardiac tissue within the heart? Conduction tissue
What is the sa node known as? The pacemaker
Electrical impulses are recorded on what instrument? Echocardiogram
Blood pressure is measured with what? Sphygmomanometer
What is the contraction phase of the hear called? Systole
The relaxation phase of the heart is called? Diastole
Hypertension is called what? High blood pressure
Hypotension is what? Low blood pressure
Cad means ? Coronary artery disease
Irregular heart beats are called what? Arrhythmia
Infarction refers to what ? Necrosis of localized tissue
Ischemia means? A temporary lack of blood to an organ or tissue
Infusion means? Administering of blood intravenously
Biopsy? The removal of a piece for diagnosis
Respiratory system includes? The upper and lower systems
The entire breathing process involves? Internal and external respiration
When breathing the air is drawn into what cavity? Nasal Cavity
The pharynx tube does what? Serves as a passageway for food and air
What is posterior to the mouth Oropharynx
Air passes through the nasal cavity to? The pharynx
Palatine tonsils are also know as? Tonsils
The tonsils protect? The opening of the respiratory tract
Larynx is also known as? Voice box
What it responsible for? Makes vocal sounds possible
Trachea is also known as? Wind pipe
What is the trachea composed of? Smooth muscle embedded with c shaped cartilage
How many lobes does the right lung have? 3
The left lung has how many lobes? 2
What is the space between the lungs called ? Mediastinum
What does the mediastinum include? The heart, aorta, esophagus, bronchi
The pleura envelopes what? The Lungs
What is the large muscular partition that lies between the. He's and the abdominal? Diaphragm
COPD means Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
3 disease that are considered COPD? Asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.
Asthma produces what in the bronchial airway ? Bronchospasms
What causes asthma? Irritants, allergens, pollution, stress, and exercise
Chronic bronchitis is caused by? Smoking, pollution
What medication removes mucus? Expectorants
Emphysema is a disease that causes alveoli to lose what? Elasticity
What is influenza? Viral respiratory infection
What are symptoms of the flu? Fever, chills, headache, general myalgia
What should children avoid taking when they have the flu? Aspirin
What is aspirin linked to in children? Reyes disease
TB means? Tuberculosis
Bronchopneumonia may be caused by? Bacteria, virus's, fungi, and chemicals
Cystic fibrosis is what kind of disorder? Hereditary
What is produced when someone who has cystic fibrosis? Viscous mucus
What leads to lung cancer? Smoking, air pollution
Acidosis is? High acidity body fluids
Epistaxis means? Nasal hemorrhages or nose bleeds
Phlegm is? Thick substance secreted by the mucus membrane
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