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Europe Vocab

Europe Vocab Derek Arbues

resident someone who lives or stays in a place, such as a country.
collapse to become too weak to continue
institute to introduce or start system a system or rule
convert to change from one form to another, such as from one religion to another
involve to include something
role position that someone has in a society.
landmass is one very large unbroken area of land
topography means arrangement of physical features
Middle Ages means the period between the
Medieval means related to history or the Middle ages.
Charlemagne He was one of history's greatest rulers.
diffusion meant spread.
Religious Order means a community of men and women devoted to prayer and service and bound by certain vows.
Benedict of Nursia was a Italian monk.
Abbot meant head of the monastery.
St. Patrick he was a missionary that was a born Christian.
sacraments sacred rites of the church.
fief means grant or land.
serfs were peasants who were legally tied to the lords land and could not leave it.
Chivalry Christian warrior code of behavior.
Manor meant the self sufficient estate of a medieval lord.
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