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Barber Chapter 7

Milady barber Anatomy and Physiiology

The basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology assists barbers in analyzing and performing what kind of services? professional
What is the study of an organisms shape and structure, and the relationship of one body part to another anatomy
What is the study of an organisms observable structures as seen with the naked eye gross anatomy
The study of an organisms minute structures (tissues and organs)is called what? histology
The study of an organisms functions and activities, and the coordination of each body part is known as? Physiology
What is the basic units of the structure and function of all living things? cells
Cells contain a colorless jellylike substance called? protoplasm
Food materials for cellular growth and self repair are found in what part of the cell? cytoplasm
The nucleus of the cell controls its activity and facilitates what action cell division
Cells of the human body reproduce through what kind of division? indirect division
A series of changes must occur bin the nucleus of a human cell before it divides into how many cells? two
What are the two phases of metabolism anabolism and catabolism
Body cells absorb water, food, and oxygen during what metabolism phase anabolism
Energy needed for muscular effort is released during what metabolism phase catabolism
Groups of cells that are similar in shape, size, structure, and function are what? tissues
Organs generally consist of two or more different ? tissues
Groups of organs that act together to perform one or more functions are called what? systems
The heart is and example of a/an? organ
The human body consists of how many systems? eleven
why is the skeletal system important? It shapes and supports the body
The skull consists of how many cranial bones eight
How many Facial bones are there: fourteen
what is the skeleton of the head called the skull
What bone forms the back and base of the cranium? Occipital
What bones form the top and sides of the cranium? Parietal
What does the frontal bone form? Forehead
What does the temporal bones form? sides of the head
The cervical vertebrae form the upper part of the spinal column at what part of the neck. back
What bone joins all the bones of the cranium together? sphenoid
what bones forms the bridge of the nose nasal
The zygomatic (or malar) bones : cheeks
What do the Maxillae bones form upper jaw
The mandible bone forms the : lower jaw
The muscular system covers, shapes, and supports what system skeletal system
what system produces body movements muscular system
The muscular system is dependent on what two systems for movement. skeletal and nervous systems
what is the more fixed attachment of a muscle to bone called>? origin
The more moveable attachment of a muscle to a muscle or movable bone is called: insertion
Muscles controlled by the will are known as : voluntary
What are the muscles not controlled by the will called involuntary
What tissue is stimulated by massage, electric current, heat and light rays, moist heat and nerve impulses and chemicals muscle
Epicranius, frontalis, occipitalis and the aponeurosis are all muscles of the: scalp
what muscle produces vertical lines and causes frowning? corrugator
The procerus is associated with what part of the face. nose
The levator labii superioris, depressor labii inferioris, lavatory anguli oris, and buccinator muscles are associated with what part of the face mouth
The orbicularis oris, mentalis, and the zygomaticus muscles relate to what part of the face? lips
what muscle draws down the corners of the mouth triangularis
There are three auricularis muscles associated with what part of the head? ears
The platysma, sternocleidomastoideus, and trapezius are muscles related to what part of the body? neck
What does the nervous system control and coordinate all body functions
What is the nervous system is composed of ? brain, spinal cord, nerves
The three main subdivisions of the nervous system are? cerebrospinal, peripheral and autonomic systems
Nerves are long, white cords made up of fibers from? nerve cells
What is the largest and most complex nerve tissue in the body brain
The sensory nerves carry messages from where to where? sense organs to the brain
the motor nerves carry nerve impulses from where to where? brain to the muscles
Where do nerves originate? brain and spinal cord
what does the cerebrospinal nervous system control? voluntary functions and muscles
Twelve pairs of cranial nerves branch out from the brain and reach parts of the ? head, face and neck
What does the autonomic or sympathetic nervous system controls what muscles? involuntary muscles
What is the fifth cranial nerve also known as trifacial or trigeminal nerve
what is the chief sensory nerve of the face the fifth cranial nerve
what cranial nerve is the motor nerve that controls chewing the fifth cranial nerve
What is the facial nerve that is used to control all the muscles used for facial expression? seventh cranial nerve
What is the spinal nerve branch that affects the muscles of the neck and back eleventh cranial nerve
What are moist heat, chemicals, massage, light, heat rays and high-frequency currents used for pertaining to nerves stimulate nerves
What is the nerve that supplies muscles and scalp at the back of the head and neck Cervical nerve
What is the cardiovascular or vascular system also known as Circulatory system
What is the blood vascular system comprised of Heart, arteries, veins and capillaries
The back flow of blood in the veins is prevented by? Valves
What are the upper heart chambers called Atria
The lower heart chambers are called what? Ventricles
What are vessels that carry blood away from the heart Arteries
Vessels that carry blood back to the heart are Veins
What does the term pulmonary refer to Heart
What are the two systems that control blood circulation General and arterial
The fluid part of the blood is? Plasma
What blood cells carry oxygen to the body cells Red blood cells
Which blood cells fight disease causing germs White blood cells
A colorless, watery fluid derived from blood plasma and helps the immune system Lymph
The main source of blood to the head, face, and neck are supplied by the? Common carotid arteries
Blood returns to the heart from the head face and neck via the: Jugular veins
What is the system that controls the functionality of glands Endocrine system
Glands that lead from the gland to a particular body part are called? Duct glands
What are duct glands also known as Exocrine glands
What are the glands that release hormones directly into the bloodstream Endocrine glands
What is the function of the excretory system To eliminate waste matter and toxins
What is the gas expelled during exhalation from the lungs Carbon dioxide
The greatest exchange of gases is accomplished with what kind of breathing Abdominal
The skin and its appendages make up what system Integumentary system
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