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Interim Q3 Review

Describe Newton's First Law of Motion an object at rest remains at rest; and an object in motion remains in motion at a constant speed; unless an unbalanced force is applied.
Describe Newton's Second Law of Motion the acceleration of an object depends on the mass of he object and the amount of the force applied
Describe Newton'sThird Law of Motion For every exerted force, there is an equal and opposite force
Describe Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation Gravitational force between 2 objects increases as masses increase or distance between the 2 objects decreases
Define gravity a force of attraction between objects due to the masses of the object
Calculate the force of a 10kg object accelerated at 9.8m/s2 98N
Define force and how is it measured (unit) push or a pull, unit is Newton
Define net force combination of all forces acting on an object
Define Inertia the tendency to stay still or in constant motion, NOT a force
Calculate the force of a 100kg object accelerated at 5m/s2 500N
Calculate the mass of an object accelerated at 9.8m/s2 using an applied force of 1000N 102kg
Calculate the acceleration of a 10kg object that has a 500N force applied to it 50 m/s2
Calculate the net force of an object that has an applied force to the left of 12N and an applied force to the right of 16N. 4N right
Calculate the net force of an object that has a downward force of 10N, an upward lift of 8N, an applied force to the left of 5N, and an applied force to the right of 5N. 2N down
Explain the net forces of a book at rest on the table. 0N left or right, balanced up and downward forces.
Explain the net forces of a pushed book sliding down an incline to the left. Balanced forces up and down, frictional forces to the right are overcome by applied forces to the left.
As wavelength increases, frequency ______ decreases
As frequency increases, wavelength ___________ decreases
Reflected sound is called an) _____ echo
Define refraction the bending of a wave as the wave passes between 2 substances in which the speed of the wave varies
Light is dispersed- spread out, into separate colors when using a prism. This is an example of ______ refraction
Define diffraction a change in the direction of a wave when the wave finds an obstacle or an edge, such as an opening
If the barrier is larger than the wavelength, there is _____ of diffraction a small amount
If the barrier is smaller than the wavelength, there is ____ of diffraction a large amount
Define constructive interference when crests and troughs overlap to create a larger amplitude wave
Define destructive interference when the crest of one wave and the trough of another wave overlap and create a decreased amplitude wave
Define wave speed and what has the most influence on wave speed the speed at which a wave travels through a medium/ the make up of the media
Determine the wave speed of a wave that has a wavelength of 5m and a frequency of 4 Hz. 20 m/s
Which visible light color has the longest wavelength and the lowest energy? Red
Which color has the shortest wavelength and the highest energy? Violet
Explain critical angle and its relationship to reflection and refraction PAST the point of the critical angle, light will no longer be refracted, but all light will be internally reflected
Doppler Effect- to a person standing in front of an approaching vehicle with a siren, how does the sound sound in terms of frequency and pitch? Why? To a person in front of the vehicle, the frequency and pitch of the sound seem high. Waves are being compressed- shorter wavelength means higher frequency
Sound typically travels fastest in solids, followed by liquids, followed by air. Why does this make sense? sound needs a medium to travel through and solids are most compact
Temperature- generally, cooler the material, slower the sound travels. Why does this make sense? particles are vibrating more slowly in colder temperatures
What is the average acceleration of a subway train that speeds up from 9.6 m/s to 12 m/s in .8s on a straight section of track? average acceleration = 3 m/s2
What is the acceleration of a 3kg mass object if a force of 14.4 N is applied? a= 4.8 m/s2
What force is necessary to accelerate a 1,250 kg car at a rate of 40 m/s2? F= m x a= 50,000N
Created by: suzannewilliams