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OT Book pictures

Memory pictures for the books of the Old Testament

Genesis Snake
Exodus Excavator
Leviticus Jeans
Numbers centipede
Deuteronomy Camel
Joshua Shark
Judges slug
Ruth goose
First Samuel a blue ribbon and a mule
Second Samuel A clock and a mule
First Kings Ribon and an Eagle
Second Kings Clock and an Eagle
First Chronicles Ribon and barnicles
Second Chronicles Clock and barnicles
Ezra Zebra
Nehemiah Walrus
Esther Yellow Jacket
Job Toad
Psalms Palm trees
Proverbs Owl
Ecclesiastes Skunk
Song of Solomon Moon
Isaiah Ice tongs
Jeremiah Wheel Chair
Lamentations Clementine
Ezekiel Magnifying Glass
Daniel Lion
Hosea Elephant
Joel Mole
Amos Hipopotamus
Obadiah Big bed
Jonah Whale
Micah Rock Hammer
Nahum Hummer Car
Habakkuk Apron
Zephaniah Zipper
Haggai Cowboy Hat
Zachariah Sack of Rye
Malachi Malard Duck
Created by: Teacher Mom