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3E151 Set 1 V3

What is the main advantage of the melting-alloy type overload? Amperage rating always stays the same
What does variable frequency drive (VFD) give an engineer? Creates customer comfort and efficiency
Where would a feedback control source come from for a VFD? Internal or External
Always do what to a VFD before attempting maintenance? Verify unit is de-energized
On a magnetic line starter the control circuit consists of what items? Holding coil, Auxiliary contacts, and overload relay reset contacts
What terminals are used to connect a three-phase motor to a magnetic line starter? T1, T2, T3
How many sets of main contacts does a single phase magnetic line starter have? 2
How are the contacts operated in a float switch? Lever and float assembly
What is the thermostat sensitive to in heating and cooling systems? Temperature
The hand, off, automatic switch is? a three position switch
A relay may be defined as? An electromagnetic switch
What is the function of a relay? Open and close an electrical circuit
Normally speaking when comparing the load circuit to the control circuit in a relay The load circuit is shorter and made of a heavier conductor
The power Supply is attached to what part of the motor? Stator
Where is electrical energy converted into mechanical energy in an electric motor? Rotor
What is the purpose of the skew effect on a squirrel cage motor? Increases the torque
Current Flow in the stator is transferred to the rotor of a three phase motor... by magnetic induction
What is one way to connect a three phase motor for 440 volts? Wye, Series
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