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EOPA ELawrence1

Entrepreneurship Pathway

Operational Planning the process of setting work standards and schedules necessary to implement the company's tactical objectives
Unsought Goods items that the consumer either does not know about or knows about but does not initially want
PMI PMI = Pluses, Minuses, Implications; listing all the pluses for a solution in one column, all the minuses in another, and the implications in a third column
Amortization the loss in value of an intangible asset (e.g. the purchase of a license or trademark)
Accrued Salaries salaries paid for after the service has been performed, typically includes future bonuses
Fixtures part of a building that cannot be moved, such as lights; personal property so securely attached to real estate that it becomes part of the real estate
Maturity Stage The product life cycle stage in which sales peak and then increase at a slower rate or start to decline
Leverage (Debt) Ratios measure the degree to which a firm relies on borrowed funds in its operations
Equity Financing money raised from within the firm, from operations or through the sale of ownership in the firm (e.g. reinvested earnings, sale of assets, issue of new shares)
Retained Profit reserves, the amount of profit which is kept back by a business for future investment
Created by: elawrence17
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