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Entrepreneurship Pathway

The business cycle refers to...... the repeated movement from good economic times to bad and back
When a group is ______ possible solutions for a problem, they should record all comments and suggestions. brainstorming
Company ABC sends an "anniversary" card to each client on the date they started working with the company. To maintain an electronic record, they should use a...... database
A sales forecast can help a retailer.... accurately plan for the upcoming holiday season
A CEO urges employees to buy stock in the company and then sells his/her personal stock because of a coming change that will likely drop the stock prices. The actions of the CEO showed.... unethical behavior
One major difference between strategic and tactical planning is that tactical planning tends to be....... shorter term and more narrowly defined
What governmental program has the mission of promoting consumer protection and eliminating harm and anti-competitive business practice. Federal Trade Commission
The term for research to determine factors, conditions, and characteristics of a market is..... market analysis
Define and explain ethical dilemma (as it relates to ethics) Difference between right and wrong
Two types of business partnerships are general and... Limited
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