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Japan Q and A

Jose Villegas Q and A

1.Where did the first settlers came from? They came from the mainland Asia.
2.How did Japanese became a language? The Japanese began to write their own language by using Chinese characters in two ways.
3.How many islands are near Japan? Japan consists on four large islands and thousands of smaller ones.
4. What is Japan total size? Japan total land area is about the state of California.
5.What were the other settlers skill were? There skill were working iron and bronze and they also knew how to weave cloth .
6.How were the Japanese educated? The Japanese began to borrow the Chinese writing system.
7.Where did the first wave of settlers came from The first wave of settlers came from the ice age
8.How was japan created Japan was created by volcanoes erupting and the plates movie
9.What do they call japan Japan was called 'land of the rising sun'
10.What is the weather like The northernmost is winter snowfall and the southern is tropical
11.What are the names of islands Honshu the main island is much larger than the others
12.How further is japan from korea Korea is separated from japan by more 200 miles
13.Where did the Buddhist priests came from The Buddhist came from Korea
14.What religion there was in japan The Japanese religion was Shinto
15.What does Shinto mean Shinto means the 'way of the gods'
16.What beneath japan is shaking the plates beneath are constantly pushing one another
17.What part of japan is Japan is part of a ring fire a region of volcanoes
18.What volcano erupted in 1700 Mount Fuji erupted in the early 1700s
19.Japan as many what Japan has many hot springs and volcanoes still active
20.What under japan Under japan there are volcanic activity
21.Nippon meaning Nippon means land of the rising sun
Created by: josev1