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Chapter 9(pharm.tec)

Institutional Pharmacy Practice

The policies and procedures handbook contain information about? Mandatory training
What are factors that differentiate hospitals? Outpatient services, Diagnostic capabilities, Surgical procedures
The task of counting and tracking controlled substances is a critical job that requires perfection .True or false? true
When unit does medications are prepared, the final check is always done by the lead technician. True or false? false- the final check is made by the lead pharmacist
All medications are delivered to the patient floors using one cart that is rotated daily. True or false? false- there are 2 carts used
A hospital pharmacy is one of the most challenging areas in which a pharmacy technician can work. True or false? true
Satellite pharmacies stock specific medications for the ward they service to speed up the turnaround time on medication orders. True or false? true
Technicians must have scheduling flexibility because they will need to work all shifts, including weekends and holidays. True or false? true
All ______ must be labeled before they leave the pharmacy. drugs
All _______ ______ medications should always be placed in the tray in the same order. crash cart
_____________ ________________ ________________ outline the rules of the facility and procedures and explain how, when, and/or why the policies are to be executed. standard operating procedures
ED emergency department
CCU coronary care unit
L & D labor and delivery
OR operating room
ICU intensive care unit
NICU neonatal intensive care unit
NSY nursery
List 3 automated hospital systems. PYXIS, SureMed, Robot RX
PACU Post anesthesia care unit
PED pediatrics
A pharmacy technician and a ______ must observe the addition or return of controlled substance stock. nurse
All controlled substances are counted 2 or 3 times ______ depending on the length of a nursing shift. daily
_________ are small specialty pharmacies that supply a clinic, such as the emergency department or an entire floor of a hospital. satillites
A medications order to be filled as soon as possible but not an emergency ASAP Order
A medication order that must be filled immediately- as quickly as is safely possible to prepare the dose, usually within 5-15 minutes Stat Order
Guideline enforceable for the safe preparation of sterile products USP-797
Written protocol for drugs or treatments that are to be used in specific situations Standing Order
An automated dispensing system often used in hospitals Pyxis
Movable carts containing trays of medications, administration sets, oxygen, and other materials that are used in life-threatening situations such as cardiac arrest Crash Carts
Technology that automatically documents the administration of medication into certified electronic health record (EHR) systems. Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)
Periodic automatic replenishment; a set level of certain medications kept on hospital floors PAR
ORTHO Orthopedics unit
A list of drugs that has been approved for use in hospitals by the pharmacy and therapeutics' committee of the institution and become the standard stock carried by the pharmacy and other departments Formulary
A drug that has not been approved by the FDA for marketing but is in clinical trials or an FDA-approved drug that is seeking a new indication for use Investigational Drug
A set of standard and guidelines within which a facility operates Protocol
Automated systems used in hospitals are replacing technicians. False
Which of the following is NOT an automated hospital system? TJC
When patient with the same last name end up on the same floor, which auxiliary label should be used? Name alert
One of the agencies that governs the operation of hospitals is the: HCFA
All necessary information included on a patient's admitting record to ensure that orders are filled correctly is provided by: A unit clerk
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