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EOPA BHouse2

Entrepreneurship Pathway

What is the meaning of the acronym SWOT? strengths, weaknesses , opportunities, and threats
What is the definition of Strategic Planning ? the process of determining the major goals of the organization and the policies and strategies
Can you name three Things tactical planning gives quick answers to? what is to be done, who is to do it, and how it is to be done
In order to complete the Operational Planning , they are required to follow a ______. schedule
What is an Autocratic Leadership? leadership style that involves making managerial decisions without consulting others
If a primary plan fails, what is the back up plan called? Contingency Planning
To collaborate with coworkers and management is called? Participate Leadership
Free-Rein Leadership is...? `leadership style that involves managers setting objectives and employees being relatively free to do whatever it takes to accomplish those objectives
Knowledge management ...? finding the right information, keeping the information in a readily accessible place, and making the information known to everyone in the firm
External customers are known as ...? dealers, who buy products to sell to others, and ultimate customers (or end users), who buy products for their own personal use
Created by: BreannaHouse