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EOPA DMontford1

Entrepreneurship Pathway

Name three ways to foster a more ethical work environment. Hire ethical employees, publish codes of ethics, ethics training, create a culture of ethics and create ethics compliance mechanism.
What are the first line managers usually referred to as? Level of management directly above non-managerial workers, Commonly referred to as first line managers, they generally supervise production on assembly lines in manufacturing business, Job titles: foreman,section head and shift boss
What are three traits that are common to leaders? Drive to achieve Motivated to lead Integrity
What does anchoring mean in the context of making decisions? Refers to the adjustment a decision maker carries out based on info presented to them.
What does Matrix Organization mean? Company structure that reports relationships rather than traditional hierarchy.
What are the four basic functions of management? Controlling, leading, organizing planning, and staffing (CLOPS)
A graphical chart that identifies tasks and deadlines in order to complete a project as a whole. Gantt Chart
What is one of the by-products of this study that demonstrates an employee's attitude toward a job and a sense of participation in the organization? Hawthorne Study
What does the acronym SWOT stand for? A technique that evaluates a company's internal strengths and weaknesses and its external opportunities and treats
What is the most efficient form of organization according to Max Weber? Bureaucracy
Created by: DestinyMontford
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